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Laine Fisher

Promo art that I intend to use when Enelysion goes public beyond the RM scene. This one took me a while to do ( drew the image, took a photo, then went over all the lines manually with a 2-pixel brush and my mouse, then added colour ).


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Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Question, why do you draw eyebrows over hairlines? Logically the hair is over the face and therefore the eyebrow is obscured, why show it?

To my, non visual artist, eye it looks wrong.
That thing actually happens frequently in anime/VNs, the brows are usually over the hairline. 'Logically', yeah, it 'shouldn't' happen but oh well.
@nhubi: Yeah, that's the general anime art-style. You'll notice that you can still see Laine's eyebrow even in her in-game portrait, where her fringe is. =)
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
I know, it just looks, well, wrong. I'm not saying it's bad, because hell it isn't, it's just every time I see it (not just in your work Yuna, in a LOT of work) my instinctual reaction is 'artist-person, don't you have eyes? Eyebrows are not depth defying!'

Yeah, it's a style, it's just not one that I can overlook with equanimity it seems.

Ignore me now.
Not a prob. Stylistic choice, I guess.
I'm gonna guess it's a stylistic thing for reasons of anime style not lending itself well to showing a lot of facial wrinkles and also anime style favouring BIG HAIR~

Also the fact these sorts of anime folks tend to have skinny eyebrows, whereas other artists favour the heavier brows, y'know? It's easier to emote with huge eyebrows than it is with skinny ones, so folks make adjustments where they can~

EDIT: i did it i did the double post OTL
I'm all for big-hair on my heroines. XD Except Tristy, it wouldn't suit her.
Nice work. I have to commend you for doing this with a mouse. The thought of it makes my hand hurt.

On a side note, like nhubi, I'm on the eyebrows go under side of the fence, hah. Not all of my faces adhere to that rule though since eyes and eyebrows are almost always the first things I draw so I sometimes forget to adjust the brows once I draw the hair in.

EDIT: And actually... another reason why you see it so often (especially with anime related art) is because facial features are usually presented as separate layers for the purposes of reconstituting new frames with different expressions. A lot of artists don't bother going back to readjust the brows after creating multiple expressions. (I am personally guilty of this on the Laine Expression Sheet media... XD)
My hand is aching a bit now, since I'm doing an art of Cuchulain now. I'm sure you guys want to know what he looks like. XD

Unrelated note: The main DL and patch passed the 1000 mark. Not bad, considering the game came out less than a month ago and is only on this site.
GUYS EYEBROWS ARE THERE BECAUSE OF EXPRESSION >................................>
Artists use eyebrows to express the emotions of their characters, thus they appear even when covered in hair. Remove your brows and look at yourself in the mirror >.>
I know it's "wrong", but so are the size of the eyes, the format of the chin, whatever. The reason is: Expression. Btw, the eyes are also big because of that.

Anyway... Nice, yuna21! Looks very pretty! *u*
Though, sorry to burst your bubble, but it probably would have been much less tiring for you if you shift-clicked the lines on Paint Tool SAI or photoshop >.<
When you shift click, you draw lines automatically from the original point to the click's point. Doing this multiple times allows you to create smooth, curvey-looking lines. Or you could have used the ink pen tool! But anyway, it still looks really good. It's just that you could've cut a lot of work! >.<
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