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A Must Try Game

Enelysion: Redux Review

Enelysion's plot revolves around the main protagonist Laine. It is vastly centered on her and her companions and her quest to reunite the kingdom of Tairngire. Laine's ancestor brought destruction and terror upon Tairngire due to his actions and causing a period of great difficulties and a rift between 2 races the Fiannan and humans.
Laine discovers her true identity as the true hair of the kingdom and with her companions sets out to restore the rift and Tairngire to it's former glory, removing the corrupt power currently governing the city.
The plot is one of the parts of the game that is lacking than others, it is a rather straightforward plot and nothing really excites and attracts users to play it by just looking at the plot. It is only when a player bypasses the fact of a rather weak plot and plays it that they do find the hidden gems in it.

Character Development
Enelysion does boast good character development in most characters with the exception in my opinion being Cillian. The story excels in it's many emotional scenes and character development. Laine's relationship with her mentor, Patrick's and Laine's rocky love/friend relationship, the sudden bloom of love between Siglud and Laine, Patrick's strengthening in character and the list goes on. However, the only character which seemed out of place is Cillian, not much is said about Cillian's past and he does not have much character development as a person. All we know is that he is a elite knight sworn to protect the kingdom of Larisa and is the voice of reason that keeps Siglud in check. End of story. Siglud on the other hand, shows his development from a play-boy in his younger days as a knight to a more serious knight who wants to protect his kingdom with his utmost. Overall, the character development is strong, however, you will find Cillian's developmenet as a character really lacking and made him kinda redundant in the game.

Battle System
Enelysion boasts a classic battle system with a small twist with the Battle Points system similar to the one in Realms of Arcanum: Generations. Characters take turns to execute several skills and moves that allow the player to defeat the enemy. MP and BP are the main source of damage in this game and the battle system does not find itself boring in many ways. Many a times, it excites you due to each battle in each new area being of a certain reasonable difficulty and enemies can overrun you if you do not plan your attack and pick your choices wisely. It is a battle system that is not unique, but does not bore you as well. A good balance is found in this battle system and the number of encounters you have which is good for a game such as this.

Enelysion's audio soundtracks are chosen wisely and aptly. I thoroughly enjoyed most soundtracks in the game and some even needed to be listened to more seperately. One example are the soundtrack in Landen, which shows the calm innocence of the town and it's peacefulness. In areas of destruction, the music boasts a sense of melancholy and sadness in them and fits the location very well adding to the game's satisfaction. The music chosen are not the types that after listening several times are sickening and that is a bonus as well.

Enelysion's programming is top notch and it features a dynamic world that changes as you progress in the game. It also contains many neat features that add some uniqueness to the game. Some examples are the Oppression meter and the heat meter which did add some sense of urgency in those locations which they were present. Enelysion's programming is fine tuned in the latest patch and no bugs were encountered in my playthrough.
The maps in Enelysion are all well crafted and are all different in their own right. Although the tilesets are the same, the map programmer did a good job of ensuring they do not seem like the same map, but a whole new map all together. One nice feature was that the world is dynamic as well, with certain locations updating with new items and features as you progress through the game. NPC texts in certain areas update frequently as you play through the game and adds to the experience in Enelysion.

Enelysion is a good game to play if you are looking to immerse yourself in a colourful world full of characters that you want to love and hate. Dive into Enelysion's extensive gameplay and you will find yourself wanting to find out what happens next and how the game plays out. I highly recommend this game to any hardcore RPG fan that is willing to sit down for a good 12+ hours to enjoy the game at it's best. New RPG gamers to Expert are all welcome as Enelysion will make both new and old RPG gamers to smile at the end and say I have played a good game.