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Project F.R.I.E.N.D. is a demo of a puzzle game I made. You play as a nanobot that manually hacks into computers by accessing their circuits directly. There is currently no story.

The Game requires only DirectX for graphics. It is otherwise a stand-alone Windows game.

Your nanobot has four sides, you move by tipping over onto your next side. Use the arrow keys to move left and right. Each side can have a device on it that performs various actions. The most basic device is the laser gun thingy, press space to shoot. There is also the slider controlled with "v" and "b" keys, which is used to slide back and forth and even up walls. And last of all the portable platform controlled with "z" key can be used as a shield or to climb up a wall.

I am not currently working on this project but will gladly accept comments or constructive criticism.

Please read the readme for more information.

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Don't know if it's a bug or I'm just being stupid... But on level 3 you start stuck in a wall and don't seem to be able to move.

This is a cool idea tbf.
Hmmm never encountered that before, i guess thats a bug.
Which demo were you playing, and did you have any problem with a flikering background image?

Thanks for the feedback btw :)
Oh wait, in level three you have to use the slider with the "v" and "b" keys, it's in the readme
I didn't post a review since it's a at a really small demo stage right now, but here's my feedback. I actually tried all of the different demo versions.

The controls are good, but I feel like the keys should be restricted to only the arrows and maybe two buttons. Maybe have a way to activate other objects like the slider (rolling onto a special block or something) and then you still use the arrows (maybe up and down).

The gameplay is good, it is fun to try and see how to do the puzzle of each level. However it feels like the "exit" or whatever (the block to finish a level) should be more obvious where it is. At first I didn't see that it was different from the other blocks. I also feel like it would be cool if it went faster. Like if it was really an arcade game. Maybe have a setting where you can set the speed.

Overall I just want to say that it is a really good concept and you should really push it to make it a real game. Because there is potential there. I could even see this working as an iOS game. You slide left and right to move the block, and tap to shoot.
@Julev: Thanks a lot for the feedback.
I very much agree with you on the controls, I'll probably change them in the next version.

Making the exit more noticeable is a good idea, I don't think I've thought of that.

And I very much plan on making this into a full game. But for now I'm taking a break from it and making something else.

When I start working on this again, I'm most likely going to recode it from scratch because the current code is really bad. ;)
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