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The world of Dracos is a diverse place, with beings ranging from people that can live in ant hills to people that seem to tower into the clouds. It's a land of deadly rabid rabbits, sickening slimes, laser-shooting eyeballs, and of course, DRAGONS!

The past millennium has been rather peaceful for the residents of this world, with not much else going on besides the normal day-to-day routine and encounters with the strange flora and fauna.

Unfortunately, something is changing. The moon is beginning to turn a deep purple color. Monsters are beginning to attack the populace. Once peaceful gigantic beings are out to smash towns. Even more are coming.

The half-dragons of Dragonia are sensing that a great evil is returning. An evil so great, that it permeates the entire Cosmos, and has the power to destroy it if not stopped. The weight of the world rests on a warrior and his friends to put a stop to this demon once again!

Download: http://rpgmaker.net/users/VideoWizard/locker/Dragon_Kingdoms_3.zip

"DK3A.zip" corresponds to part 1 (the beginning of the game), all the way to "DK3D.zip" part 4. "DK3Files.zip" has to be extracted into each part in order for the game to work.

Sequel: Dragon Kingdoms IV http://rpgmaker.net/games/879/

Prequel: Dragon Kingdoms II, sequel to Birth of a Legend (I) Coming Soon to RMN

Latest Blog

Jul-07-15 Celebrate IGMC 2015 and the release of RM2k with an old favorite

To celebrate the release of RPG Maker 2000, and the start of IGMC 2015, Dragon Kingdoms III is going to come out of hiding. Could there one day be an official RPG Maker 95, too? Rather than just being an unofficial RPG Tsukuru 95 game.
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  • 03/28/2011 05:44 AM
  • 07/08/2015 10:06 AM
  • 02/29/2000
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As if being made in RPGMaker95 wasn't Epic enough, it's soon followed up by "Once peaceful gigantic beings are out to smash towns".
Glad this is finally seeing the light of day once again!
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
RM95! Now this is one heck of a blast from the past!
Every character in the RM95 default set looks very angry all the time. Heh.
So......How can I play it?I downloaded it & I don't know how to start it.Help!
The launch file is corrupt. And the zipping isn't done in the most stellar way either. How about at least testing it after twelve years?
YES! RM 95 rocks! Nostalgia ftw!
So... Yes, rm95, how great.
Now make it playable @_@'
Geh. I had to download RPGMaker95 to run it x_X
Hey, lets go check out the new games at RMD
Whoa! 1995!

I loved this program! I didn't like RPG maker 2000 because the resolution was bad...but RPG maker xp's resolution looked more like the 95 one.

Anyway. this prog was so fun. good game.
Ok How do u make this download work Why must this b made difficult to extrAct viathe usual way Please help I do not understand what I'm doing with the files in order to make it workable I really wonder what was the purpose of making bthis download a jigsaw puzzle that one has to try to piece together ? Can we please get help
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