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Do you like playing classic games? Do you like going back to AOEII because it was such a great game? Do you want more?

Well, my brother and I have been working on an RTS that tries to relive the AOE2 feel, with more interesting graphics, capabilities, a modern UI, and anything else.

This is an ambitious task, but not just for me but the art department as well. For a two person project, this will take a lot of time.


If you are interested in this and want to work as a developer; we are currently looking for any 3D artists. You must be fairly good at skinning and rigging, and know you way around #ds max, maya, lightwave or Blender. The data types we use are .3Ds, and your choice software must export to that format.

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This looks great :)

I liked AOEII a lot, though RTS's aren't really my favorite type of game.
Thanks, whats likely going to happen is that this project is going to be a tech demo. I may never make it as full as I wanted.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
See, I'm really interested in seeing this tech demo, but looking at your screens made me realize that this game absolutely needs one key control: zoom.

There are times in RTS games where I want to build a massive wall, or command a see of units at once, or simply survey my borders, but the screen size just does allow for it. Being able to zoom out and macromanage is an amazing tool to have in RTSs that have it; and it's sorely missed in ones that don't.
If I want to return to AoEII than I will install AoEII :)
What programming language/Game engine did you use to make this?
What programming language/Game engine did you use to make this?

Microsoft C# with XNA game library. I haven't worked on this for a long time.... It's just a tech demo on my computer right now. I may work on this eventually (come this summer).
Interesting. I'm not going to download it straight away however; I like my products to be a little bit more complete.
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