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Our final name, and our commitment to you, the gamer.

The final name for this fan sequel will be Breath of Fire: A Line Ended.

What will we feature?

-Dynamic storyline unlike and like other titles in the series.
-Return of some familiar faces.
-A true attempt to not cut corners. There will be no tiny cities, no auto generated dungeons. There will be storyline content in almost every area of the game.
-Campfire, a place to chat with your characters about their feelings about what's going on.
-A customizable city similar to Breath of Fire II.
-A custom battle system, with new special powers for all characters, and a unique Dragon system.
-No, none, not any, jarring music. (See yah most of II's soundtrack!) But will be composed of music from across the series.
-A Variation of the Master System.
-And more!

What do we *want* to feature, but are still being considered?
-Animated monsters. As many of you know, Breath of Fire II and on features animated monsters(1 did have some animations). It is likely that we will follow the route of 1, and just have animations on the boss battles, that is not final though.
-THREE main storylines, following the children of the Dover, Chetrye and Odjn families, with completely different, yet interlocking storylines with a unique cadre of characters to play for each. This does mean that you'd get to play as the Dark Dragon faction!
-Turn based battles, still considering this, though.

How is development progressing?
-I have completed the storyline from Dologany, to the cabin, back to Dologany, to the Show Cave, to the Wayward Forest. Banesburn(name pending) is the city directly after, which is in development.
-Have mapped out most of the monsters to about halfway through the game along with the items. The exp curve had to be adjusted, so I will have to tweak it along the way, however, it is presently on track for the content already fully made, IE to just past the Forest.
-Unique Sprites for Chetrye, Odjn, Ryu have been made, working on the others.
-Battle animations have hit a snag, working to the limit of my ability, however, outside help would be excellent.
-Storyline written to the end of the game for the child of Dover. Script written to Windia.
-Currently my main roadblock is making battles not look shitty. This will be a process, and to some degree a daunting task.

Do YOU want to help? Go here to see what we need, or simply PM me.
(note, our main page now reflects some of this information)


Breath of Fire: A Line Ended, Demo Version 1.06

Update 1.06

It was not my intention to bump any games off the front page by uploading this, however, this demo version has corrected a number of bugs, and I felt it needed to be issued. This essentially is a clean up version.

What's new:

-Portrait for Vos
-Corrected a number of collision issues.
-Sprite for Ryu (His portrait is temporary, however).
-Fixed some pathing issues.
-The Show Cave entrance scene has been added.
-Updated the graphics for the cabin scene.
-Updated some graphics in general, for example waterfalls, now with splashing feature.
-Updated the title plate to the correct name.
-While there are save points, you can save anywhere in the world you wish from the save menu, this is only temporary and is not intended for use other than for testing.

What this demo is lacking:

-I have someone working on battle animations for... battles. I would ideally like the monsters to move as they do in 2, however, constant animation may prove impossible with 2003.
-Sprites are temporary, namely for the Great Uniter, Chetrye, Vos, and the towns people.

Update 1.05

This is the full opener, with scenes that take place after 1.04, which will give you a glimpse of the world map along with several new and modified chipsets. I've also polished the original demo quite a bit, and this one goes a good deal further with the story, fully rounding up the events that occur in 1.04 and previous versions. This will be the last update for the demo until at least 1/5 of the game has been completed, which will be as quickly as I can, however, it will take time to get the battle system and sprites in place.

Few sound effects missing, will correct.

There are several issues though which I will address now.

-The sprites are placeholders, trying to find someone who can aid me with my custom sprites, that being said, I did update the sprites for Chetrye and Odjn. Chetrye's sprite is the General and Jade from 1, however, it looks a bit out of place, so that will be edited. Vos still does not have a unique sprite, and Ryu uses the sprite from 2 for now. (Their menu pictures are not complete yet as well.)

-There was an issue with Vos(or Voss I can't decide yet how to spell it) where in the cabin he would not walk forward in my final play through despite him doing it every other time, lol. This has been fixed in this download.

-This is a storyline demo, the battle system is still undergoing massive work, so in the one instance where you can walk on the world map, there are no random battles, though many of them have been already put into place, the battle animations and the like are still underway.

-May be a few graphical errors, like under the columns in Dologany, will be fixed by next update.

-Just noticed I left the item shop dialogue in the item shop after the fall... enjoy those items.... lol will be fixed. (Also you can step on rubble in there, whoops).

Other than that there should be no real issues.

Please, when you get control of your character, explore the city. I did my best not to cut corners, so every home has an interior. This is also true of Dologany after the event, though there are only two interiors... lol.

As always, I will ask that all responses to this demo be kept polite and civil. This has taken a great deal of time and while I welcome criticism, I will ask that it would be of the non-flame variety.


The World Map and a week in updates.

Good evening.

This was been a fairly productive week thus far.

We released our demo version of the opener, which started out rocky. During final testing of the final scene I inadvertently deleted two major switches and a good bit of dialogue in the beginning of the demo.

Luckily the demo hadn't been approved till the morning the next day, so when I downloaded it on my primary PC, which only has Rift and EQ2 on it atm, to test how someone might have to install it, I found my fatal error.

I was able to get it fixed and back to the way it was, and it is as you see it now, though I did make some improvements as well that were not in the original demo. IE exterior doors now have an opening animation, along with a sound, and open with a touch instead of a button push, which is true to the mechanics of the second game, which is my intent in most things.

I was also able to modify a sprite and clean up some graphical errors and coding errors that while minor and probably unnoticable , however, they were already fixed by the time I packed up 1.04.

Aside from the demo, I have now translated over 150 screen captures into about 1/3 of the spell cadre from 2. I've also updated the image on the main site to give us a more polished look as well as adding three new pages to our main page.

The first of which is a disclaimer, always important. Luckily Capcom has gone so far as to even feature fan made sequels on their site, so that is heartening.

I've also added a character page which is only partially done.

Most importantly I added a development page, where you can see almost to the hour, what I'm working on for the game. I've been working this full time since launch, only taking one day off to go the movies. So, atm, about 8-12 hours a day.

Since my business closed last August, I've needed something to fill my time, and this is doing it nicely, and hopefully I am up to standards, though I realize I have a long, long road ahead.

Thank you to those who downloaded the demo (the number is skewed, for about a day and a half the download was only available from an offsite source, since I had to reupload the demo here.

One last thing before I close the blog. I am working on the world map at the moment and would like your opinion. In Breath of Fire games, it is almost mandatory to change the world map from game to game, even though all but one, speculating, anyway, happen on the same planet.

This fangame is set between 2 and 3, do I keep the world the same as 2, do I modify it somewhat, or do I just keep with tradition and almost completely change it?

Here's what the area previously known as Gate, or Dragon's Gate, is looking like.

Thank you for all of your support, and I look forward to speaking with you all again in this manner at the start of next week.


Breath of Fire: A Line Ended, Demo Version 1.04


There are a few really important notes that I would ask you to read before downloading, or at least before slamming me about it on this page. Feel free to slam all you want, but please not about the items listed : )

-The sprites are *all* temporary. Every one of them. The new sprites will be in development soon once I secure someone with some epic talent, or at least more talent then I have manipulating sprites.

-There are a few sound effects missing, I am working on securing them.

-There are a few graphical errors that need stitching up, namely a diagonal piece in the outside area of Dologany, and the window sills on the interior walls of some of the buildings.

-When Vos joins your party, he does not actually join you, not that it matters for the demo, and Ryu has no gear, which is also a non issue for the demo. Also, menu is borked along with the picture of Ryu, adding those in now, as they were non issues for the demo.

-After releasing the demo I spent some time researching some of the mechanics of 2 that i may have forgotten. In the demo, when you are outside, and attempt to enter a home, you must click. in 2 though, you simply have to walk and the door swings open. I'm working on swapping that out now. complete with 1.04, which you can download now on this site.

-During the Razing a teleport event becomes glitched if you go back upstairs after being sent downstairs. This has already been corrected on my end, but I won't be uploading it till the new sprites are in. If you happen to go back upstairs during that event, just go back into Ryu's room and it'll warp you downstairs. complete with 1.04, which you can download now on this site.

-Collision issue in the Dragon Shrine with some of the wall toppers(in the stairwells), this has been corrected, and will be solid in the next update.
complete with 1.04, which you can download now on this site.

I put a lot of work into this, I ripped most of the imaging used in my chipsets, though some are from Ryan 914. WCouillard also aided me in several ways.

That's pretty much everything I can remember. I will ask a favor. Please help me find my mistakes, but please no flames. I don't think the demo deserves any flames, but I'd really like to keep this page civil and friendly, just as we should always be.

I want to thank you for trying the demo, and for your future comments.

(I did keep all of the basic RPG Maker 2003 files in the demo, because when I tried to upload it without them it wouldn't work. The final version, I assure you, will be missing all non essential date, however, it only added about 7 megs to the file, so no real loss.)
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