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To cut down on a need for Blogness, this page is for updates to the game that are currently being worked on. You can check back here to see what I'm up to, and what's be worked on in the past.

I'll be out of town till the 20th.


I've been working on detailing the storyline, along with the script. It's just about finished to the ending, baring unseen additions, of course.

I've also story mapped the plot to the end.

The battle system is currently underway, and is perhaps one of the largest hurdles left.


Over the past few days I've been working on the revamped Wayward Wood, which is now complete, along with the storyline halfway through Banesburn. It's all been tested and it's all a-go. Will finish up the Banesburn storyline tomorrow and begin work on the tileset for Windia.


I underestimated how long it would take to remake the Show Cave. Ended up taking hours to get it how I wanted with severe modifications to the chipset, adding content from the first game. However, it is much more dynamic and fun, as opposed to a near replica of the original cave, which would seem unlikely that a cave of that size would stay the same esp over 1,000 years. In its present condition it's a somewhat stable trade route, which will mark the first phase in the Trade Route implementation from Winida to Dologany.

That leaves me with the completed Wayward Forest which in this new concept will not be suitable, as well as the forest was too simple. I've begun working on it's new incarnation which will have levels and bridges and hopefully look much nice than a near copy of the Tagwoods.

Scrapped the Show Cave and the chipset I used to make it, just wasn't good enough, chipset is done, about 1/3 complete, it will be much larger than the previous incarnation.

Fixed some collision/pathing issues.


Decided on the final name, made the new logo, as crumb-bummy as it may be. New blog of what's planned/what we want to do.

Finished the exterior of Banesburn.

went to the movies, so suck on that!


tested the exp gain, monster groups and floor plans of the show cave and wayward forest, added a shop/inn in the middle of forest for a bit of sanity, got to make a ladder event handler, lol, expanded the wood, as they are a bit small, cleaned up the dialogue with the boss in the wood.

completed a sprite for ryu... that's it so far for today : ) ...oh! I... cleaned up some of ruined Dologany.


finishing touches on the cabin script, polished a bit of earlier scripting, scripted the dologany scene after the cabin scene, modified chipsets.


Worked on some storyline coding, and some monster sets and equipment for the first portion of the game.

Completed events leading up to the return to the ruins of Dologany, created four maps (Show Cave, The Hermitage(a cabin) inside and out, the Wayward Wood), and modified the interior Dologany chipset for a bit of a ruined feel. setting up some of the evens in the ruins of Dologany now, though it is reaching 5 am... : )

worked on some monsters/monster sets as well

been working on a few things this morning, cleaning up a bit.

I've updated the world sprites for Chetrye and Odjn, most notably in the opening demo scene. Chetrye is made from Jade's head and a general's body, both from 1, and Odjn is made from Zog's body and Ray's head, edited, both have been recolorized.


Chipset worked out for world map, only thing missing to be completely true to the second is foam where the cliff meets the water, but that doesn't seem possible.

Working on spell effects again today. Got some done yesterday, and worked on some scripting.

here's thunder, which was a complete pain and took almost two hours. lol. I repeated some of the dust clouds, which i normally wouldnt do, but I wanted the image to show them in order, however, that became pointless as it wouldve taken almost double the frames i had for the sheet.

Renew relies heavily on transparencies, and putting images off the field of vision.

Due to the limitations of RPG Maker 2003, I will have to be content with the menu system as it is, after minor tweaks.

My goal for today is to work on the battle system, namely spells, and will be working on ripping spell effects. Posting them so anyone can use them, as long as I get credit, of course : )

My first tester: Cure

Next tester: Sboom, this one was easier to make than I thought, by a lot, but much of the spell animation is done in the RPG Maker itself, like transparency, etc.

...cold, which was easy enough luckily

spark... which was annoying due to all the pixels that were spread out.


Presently, I am working on the menu screen.