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"Not long ago, Exiles have been at war with the Peculiars for the Garden.
It is said that when the war ends, the Garden will open - for the victorious.
We crushed the Peculiars and approached the Garden. We saw it open.
We hoped that the legend is true. We hoped for our utopia."

"It looks like the Garden isn't what we hoped for.
Maybe we should've left the Garden alone, but we drove on, hoping to find our utopia."

A Valedictory Game Drive Gameâ„¢, this is a short, linear dungeon-crawling game.
It tests the hearts of the Exiles as they traverse the vast Garden, hoping for their utopia.

I hope you look forward to it!

Latest Blog

Release 2 of Garden

After receiving a review for this game, I decided to continue fixing and re-upload the game.

The upload is taking a while, so you may not see it for a few hours!

Release 2 shows the changes:
Immediate fixes:
No more missing resources (I hope!)
All skills except recovery skills are no longer usable in menu. (Sorry, I never actually checked the skill menu...)
Removed the blue door in Geihn Heralis. (Why was it there in the first place?! I was SURE i removed it >:O)

Enemy adjustments:
Reduced touch encounters (By approximately 40%)
All enemy HP has been reduced significantly.
Iscellent, Nivenreis and Geihn Heralis bosses are altered.
Iscellent now has minions that he summons.
Nivenreis will deplete your HP once in a while.
Geihn Heralis now has a periodic Drain ability that does not use up his turn.

Skill adjustments:
Burst has a rewritten description. Instant kill rate reduced significantly.
Shift is less Hp Bonus

Player adjustments:
Reduced amount of Exp needed to gain a level.
Loke's HP is reduced.

Navigation adjustments:
Nivenreis's entrance is now a Red gate instead of a Green gate. There is now a Red key in Iscellent, if you missed it in Traefinne.
The items in Scarecrow Shoppe now scales with level, and sells equipment.
More hidden items!

Files adjustments:
Fonts are included in the R2 download.
Removed template files and other garbage files.

  • Completed
  • Rhyme
  • YDS
  • RPG Maker VX
  • Adventure RPG
  • 04/07/2011 01:25 PM
  • 10/21/2013 05:31 PM
  • 07/16/2011
  • 99277
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Tear Harvester Rhyme
Reviewed here at about 3 minutes: http://irishpodcastnetwork.podbean.com/2011/10/05/episode-11-sniffles-coughing-anarchaic-masturbation/

Th-this is... awesome!
Thank you :D
I'm enjoying this a lot, but I ran into two issues.

Issue the first: how do I equip things on Locke? I can't seem to find a button or an option for it. Equip only works on my main character for some reason.

Issue the second:

It's the only one I was able to find, but it is a mapping error. Figured I'd let you know, even if it isn't really impacting gameplay.

Okay, it isn't actually displaying, so for now I'll link a screenshot of the issue instead.
Surprise issue the third: for the turn back/proceed fight, I killed the boss with no problems at all. His endlessly spawning, infinitely healing, henchmen, however, were the subject of a twenty minute battle. I didn't die. I just couldn't kill them all within the two (sometimes three, four, or one,) turns it took for the automatic field heal/respawn to kick in.

Is this a bug, or am I supposed to somehow kill them all despite the continuous resurrection/healing that they're getting from the game? I tried delaying, slowing, halting, killing different ones, and the heals don't seem to be tied to any of the henchmen themselves. What am I doing wrong?
Tear Harvester Rhyme
1st issue:
Intentional! Loke's equipment isn't changeable despite the game telling you it's changeable. I was careless and forgot to disable it.

2nd issue: Noted!

3rd issue:
My current copy doesn't do that, but just in case, download this file and replace it in the Data folder.

Gameplay is proceeding smoothly again.

So, when you say that Locke's equipment isn't changeable, does this mean that some of the items (specifically those seen in shops) serve no purpose other than being a trap for your money?

Also, in one of the earlier areas, there's a man who asks to join you. You can say yes, and it does nothing. Bug?
Tear Harvester Rhyme
Yes... bugs ._. (sorry!)
No worries.

Does this mean there should be a total of three possible party members?
Tear Harvester Rhyme
I planned more but they didn't make it because it was getting complex with the AI :<
Wow, truly amazing game. I have just playing it a minute ago.
This is the type of game that I crazily wanted. Thanks for creating this. For sure after this I won't move from my pc just because for this game. o.O
Game doesn't work for me. :( It starts and then when I get in a battle shuts down :(

A year later, and apparently no fix. And now I'm getting the same thing. But considering that others are not, it seems it may be a random (or perhaps a computer) problem. Otherwise, wouldn't it effect everybody else?

In any case, this definitely looks like a pretty decent project. Such a shame that RGSS2 crashes every time I get into a battle.
Tear Harvester Rhyme
I can't seem to reproduce many of them :<. It's very hard to fix if I can't find the problem haha

I verified it with the current download. Was there an error message? Or did the Game.exe just stop responding?
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
:D this is the next game on my to play this! :D
looking at a couple of those posts i hope i dont have any problems but ill have to w8 and see! :D

ok i have had no glitches at all :D
the story is intriguing
the battle system is nice
i love how you have 3 paths of skills you can take i went trickster :D
i love how the deity(4got what its calleded)loki is powerful as hell :D
its a nice change from having weak useless ais
i also love that she does her own moves and stuff thats a awesome feature!

im looking 4ward to how this ends(if their is a ending i hope :D)

im lost on those random light things that block certain areas i assume you need something to get by them :3

also the gear at the store not sure if theirs a point to buy it or not
tho i know if you spend enough money you get a scarecrow ticket :D which if you collect 10 something happens? :D

which is interesting because in the store you can tell that loki has gear but you cant look at it in fact theirs no status menu to see how sexy your stats are :o

its late tho ill play more 2morro !~ :D

We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
stuck in the area with alot of teleport pads is their a way to continue the game or was this the end of it? i am pretty sure ive tried every combination :(
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Notes flaws ect
1.it seems that theirs no lvl cap for the fighting types trickster as a example
lvl 10 was the last time i learned a skill now its lvl 20 still no mroe skills but at least i still get stats for picking it

2.cant beat the boss that apparently infinitely spawns 3 knights(forgot in game name)
i killed him but for their to be a remote chance in hell of winning you apparently would need to be able to 1 hit kill the lower guys from full life! which i cant even do at lvl 20!

3.the objects that area in areas that are behind barriers are just health items or even nothing theirs no honest reason to go back
on this note their should be some teleporting option between scarecrows as traveling back to the start can be a pain in the ass

4.guy at the end of 1st area does not actually join you

5.almost nothing in the store is worth buying other then heals,new shirt and shield found in the 4th or 5th zone(which ever is the destroyed area)

6.also theirs sadly no way to edit lokis gear :(

7.unable to use the healing skill outside of battle

8.after old lady battle in the final area get error cant continue the game

We do not condone harassing other members by PM.

just a short playthru to give people a idea how how the game runs
download to see more! :D
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