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This was a comedy series I was making for an ex of mine, and as I wanted to emulate a series they were all done in episode format. The story is about Prince Yune, the main character who is forced to marry and mate with a princess so his father can have grandchildren as soon as possible. He's convinced he has a year left to live, but the old soul will probably live much longer...this doesn't stop Yune from being forced to go anyway.

Armed with a Laserblade and accompanied by Virgil his penguin advisor, Yune heads to the neighboring kingdom in order to talk with the princess there. This is where things are really set into motion and when Yune's journey becomes a bit more serious...but not without lots of comedic fun on the way!

This episode is entitled: "EPISODE 1: Poke-WTF!?"

Link to Episode 2:

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All 3 games get error on opening them - file vehicle cannot be opened.
you'll need the rpg maker 2003 RTP (run-time package)
lol is that pikachu from pokemon in that battle scene?
Why yes, yes it is.
Pikachu are cute, but evil here.
I have RTP installed but I'm still getting that vehicle error.

EDIT: Found out the problem. I had to uninstall a RTP-add on I had and now it works.
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