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Emperor Aidus Syntilus:
The sole remaining ruler of the triumvirate of Misbah, the desert country in the southern region of Aurelia. Being somewhat of a pacifist, he dislikes fighting and would rather charm the opposition to get his way. He enjoys art and design, and regularly provides funding for local theatres and music houses. His desire for more efficient means of production ultimately funded an industrial revolution that spread almost completely northward over the years.

Aidus wants to make the whole continent a better place by spreading the new steam technology all the way north to the snowy country of Ryalis, no matter what the cost.

Officer Julius Lorenz:
A stern man with a rather short temper and deep loyalty to his country. He is a Crimson Officer, a rank of handpicked soldiers who mainly serve as an emperor's bodyguard. Not that Lorenz has anything to complain about, as he is very fond of Aidus and would do nearly anything for him.

He is tasked with personally delivering an ultimatum to Queen Yukita, the ruler of Ryalis far to the north.

Officer Shiraz:
The second Crimson Officer under Aidus's command. Unlike Lorenz, she is cool-headed and tactical. She is a skilled fencer, and her favorite weapon is a golden rapier that is almost always at her side. She also enjoys gambling and playing card games for fun.

Moshi Cenalus:
A mage with experience in fixing and maintaining machinery. However, she prefers to study and use elemental magic. She was a social person, but living in the dingy port city of Dejanor has made her quite nervous and reluctant to trust others. Despite the deep anti-mage sentiment and fear pervading most of Aurelia, she tries to be kind to most people...but she's not without her own personal biases.

After learning of the fabled "Last Sanctuary", she decides to leave Dejanor in search of it. Additionally, she wants to help people to show them they have nothing to fear from mages.

Leiko Fortena:
A bold and mischievous young woman who's ready to speak her mind. Although she may not look or act like it, she's quite the bookworm. Since childhood, Leiko has read so many fantasy stories that she's apparently memorized the genre's conventions and cliches, and wants to be heroic like the protagonists in those stories.

She is searching far and wide for her sister, who ran away from their home in Navarra when they were children.

Marius Winters:
The second-in-command of Serpentes, a thieves' guild that operates within the boundaries of Isling. He dislikes direct combat and would rather slowly tear his enemies down with venomous words. He enjoys collecting the spellbooks that were banned by the Astra Brotherhood. Over time, he has developed an obsessive attraction to mages and their culture, so much so that it repels nearly everyone around him.

Vera Montague:
The leader of Serpentes. In the past, few people took her seriously except for Marius. With his help, she fought her way to the top and did whatever it took to maintain her place. Her actions have made her an intimidating figure among the thieves. She is said to have a mean streak, but can be impressed with feats of strength or intelligence.

Although steam power is becoming more commonplace in Aurelia, she is more interested in researching how to harness electricity without the use of magic.

Altair Riotise:
A traveling cleric of the goddess Phenastra, who possesses the ability to heal others and dispel evil spirits. However, he does not wear the usual red robes, as well as left the church for personal reasons. He is lighthearted and optimistic, and cares more about others than himself.

He and his girlfriend Remi travel around to do assignments for clients whose needs aren't met by other clerics. These assignments often involve recurring nightmares and exorcisms.

Remi Blackletter:
An illusionist and dream diviner. Although explaining the meanings of other people's dreams brings in consistent money, she doesn't enjoy talking to her clients about it. She dislikes company and would rather be left alone. She is also an "oneiromancer", a mage who can manipulate dreams--a secret she has only shared with Altair.

After collecting enough information about her own dreams, those of others, and the common threads between them, she wants to learn more of the mysteries of Oneiro, the plane of dreams.

Kaden Grey:
A factory worker in Infinium, a mill town in northern Isling. He hates to be the center of attention, and his penchant for being in the background makes it easy for him to do things unnoticed. But that doesn't stop the strangest of rumors about him from spreading, however..

Tired of the frequent abuse and the extremely poor working conditions in the factory, he wants to leave and find a job elsewhere.

Garrett Lyons:
A tinkerer who is on the run from a debt collector. He coincidentally ends up meeting with the party quite often, and is interested in crafting better equipment for the party to pay off the debt.

Jean Landale:
A grenadier from the country of Castillon. He has also studied some chemistry as well. After being (falsely, according to him) convicted of war crimes and illegal use of chemical weapons during a past war between Castillon and Ryalis, he was exiled from the country. Despite his past, he is often happy and carefree with a twisted sense of humor.

He wants to prove his innocence so that he can return to his home.

Queen Yukita:
The ruler of the northern country of Ryalis. She has no love for industrialization or those who support it, because of the heavy damage it has done to the land. Because of tensions between Ryalis and Misbah, she has been increasingly reclusive and worried about potential assassination attempts. It has reached the point that she rarely goes out unarmored or without her advisor to accompany her.

She is willing to do whatever it takes to prevent Emperor Aidus from taking her homeland from her.

The sole advisor to Queen Yukita. He helps her with everyday tasks out of kindness as well as concern for her physical and mental health. Their closeness has led to rumors among their people concerning the true nature of their relationship.


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All of these characters are so elegant! I love them all~
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