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An evil Dark Matter that was imprisoned a thousand years ago has accidently been re-awakened in a modern Japanese city. 47 Evil Spirits have possessed the souls of various humans, feeding off their energy until they are strong enough to destroy the world. It's your job to track down these possessed souls and find a way to expel the Evil Spirits, before defeating them in combat!

-choose one of four playable characters - Yankee, Student, Maid or Fashion Gal
-Each character has unique dialogue, special attacks and speech
-The city is open-ended, so you can fight the Evil Spirits in any order you wish. If one is too strong, defeat weaker ones first to build up your strength!
-Variety of tasks to find each Spirit - mini-games, fetch quests, puzzles, treasure hunts
-Over 50 locations, including karaoke bar, disco, high school, family restaurant, soaplands, army base and more.
-About 5-6 hours gameplay

This is my first completed game, so any and all feedback much appreciated! This version only works if you have RPGXP, I can upload a stand-alone version if requested! Thanks!

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I was (pleasantly) surprised to see Heiwaboke Crisis featured on the front page as a Hidden Gem. I have no idea by what esoteric process Gems are chosen, or whether my game lives up to the title, but it's nice to see loads more people downloading it. I hope people are enjoying my game, please bear in mind it was my first game made 4 or 5 years ago, so it has plenty of flaws.
Anyway, although I'm not making any games at the moment (due to imminent parenthood ^_^) it would still be nice to get any feedback or reviews. In the meantime, thanks to the rpgmaker gods for their choice and please enjoy!
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  • papasan96
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  • 04/23/2011 12:15 PM
  • 04/22/2015 05:02 PM
  • 04/28/2011
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the link isn't showing up under downloads
It works.I have download the game and play it now.Great Ineke
I have a problem. When i enter some shop, there's an error saying it can't fin bg music file- shelfisarranged and some japanese letter. I Belive it has to do with this japanese font, as in total commender i see black square in place of it.
HOw to deal with that problem? Shoul i change some system settings or something?
Hi Szacun I've checked and the sound file is definitely where it should be. Is that the only file that doesn't play? There should be a couple of other places where the sound file has japanese in it (karaoke and disco for example). Actually, it doesn't display on mine either but it plays alright. The only thing I can suggest is maybe you need the Microsoft Japanese IME? If it's a problem common to others I'll change the file names to English only and reupload it.
Just downloaded, selectable female main characters and not hentai, just loved it already. <3
I'll give you more feedback when I complete the game. :)
Aw, it's so hard, I barely managed to kill one monster
All the others I find hit me around 500 :/
I probably shoud've put this in a hints section but...if you find the missing page from the book (it's in the forest area) it gives you a clue as to the best order to fight them. Also, there's some medical records somewhere (in the obvious place) that tells you their weaknesses when used. Hope that helps!
Also, you can run by holding Z ^_^
Looks promising so far :) Unfortunately, I keep getting the following error message whenever I talk to Mirai: Unable to find file Audio/SE/Be-majide ? .

I cannot play the game.Error whit music
andyw, I've checked and that sound is no longer there, so unfortunately until I upload a fixed version you'll have to play with a different character :-( I've fixed the problem with music some people were having but I can't seem to access rapidshare to re-upload, so I'm trying to put it on this site but it keeps cutting off. If anyone can recommend another decent file provider please let me know!
I'm doing quite well now (Level 44, 43 spirits beaten) but I, just got an error when I try to complete the gothic-like girl quest in the cafe, it says: "Unable to find Graphics/Battlers/Nir." :/
Or the "that otaku stole your panties, Nao-chan!" conversation begin, and the quest doesn't trigger. (Of course, I have no extra panties in my inventory anymore, already defeated the Dragon)

And the Miko at the shrine, I find the priest in the Onsen, but when I report back to her nothing happens.. any tip?

"Only three spirits to go" hmm... I only know about these two, the other one is the final boss, I guess?
Hi Lyn.

I've found and fixed the error you've described, hopefully the new upload should be on the site soon. It should actually be possible to finish the game without doing Nao's mission, or you can copy your save files across to the fixed version.

For the priest, you also need to get him back to the shrine. When you are having a bath at the onsen, you need to select a certain object...BTW, if you're playing as the Fashion Gal please see my notes in the blog.

I think you might have missed a spirit. The final boss isn't included when you check the Orb. The most likely one to miss is the ninja. Have you found her?
Oh, that's weird... I'll try too find the one missing
I'm playing as the Maid, and yeah, I've found the ninja already, now she's jumping on the forest trees
I'll try the Miko hint, thanks !

Edit: I don't have any item usable in the hot springs ):
Ah, and in future projects, you could use Nao as a playable character too, she's lovely <3
Did you pick up the rock from outside the onsen?
Did you pick up the rock from outside the onsen?

Omg, I thought it was part of the ground, lol.

Edit: nevermind.
I've uploaded a new version, with all the bugs I've found fixed. You should be able to fight Nao's Evil Spirit now
in the tailor there is also a missing sound clothes 2

and in denny's when the girl is away from her table
and talk to her boyfriend again a missing sound Hbuchuru ! 2

please fix the missing sounds

or you can tell me where to find these sounds myself

Is that the reuploaded one? I tested it before I uploaded it and all the sounds were fine. If downloading it again doesn't fix it I'll email you the sound files.
Is that the reuploaded one? I tested it before I uploaded it and all the sounds were fine. If downloading it again doesn't fix it I'll email you the sound files.

yes can u email those sounds
Yeah, now it's fine, just finished :)
Really nice game, IMO.
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