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An evil Dark Matter that was imprisoned a thousand years ago has accidently been re-awakened in a modern Japanese city. 47 Evil Spirits have possessed the souls of various humans, feeding off their energy until they are strong enough to destroy the world. It's your job to track down these possessed souls and find a way to expel the Evil Spirits, before defeating them in combat!

-choose one of four playable characters - Yankee, Student, Maid or Fashion Gal
-Each character has unique dialogue, special attacks and speech
-The city is open-ended, so you can fight the Evil Spirits in any order you wish. If one is too strong, defeat weaker ones first to build up your strength!
-Variety of tasks to find each Spirit - mini-games, fetch quests, puzzles, treasure hunts
-Over 50 locations, including karaoke bar, disco, high school, family restaurant, soaplands, army base and more.
-About 5-6 hours gameplay

This is my first completed game, so any and all feedback much appreciated! This version only works if you have RPGXP, I can upload a stand-alone version if requested! Thanks!

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I was (pleasantly) surprised to see Heiwaboke Crisis featured on the front page as a Hidden Gem. I have no idea by what esoteric process Gems are chosen, or whether my game lives up to the title, but it's nice to see loads more people downloading it. I hope people are enjoying my game, please bear in mind it was my first game made 4 or 5 years ago, so it has plenty of flaws.
Anyway, although I'm not making any games at the moment (due to imminent parenthood ^_^) it would still be nice to get any feedback or reviews. In the meantime, thanks to the rpgmaker gods for their choice and please enjoy!
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  • 04/23/2011 12:15 PM
  • 04/22/2015 05:02 PM
  • 04/28/2011
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Did you look out of the 1st floor window first? After that, try to approach the tree and the bird will chase you away. Then pick up the cat and return to the tree. You don't need to use the cat, it should happen automatically.
I downloaded the game, everytime I start the game I get an error and it close
Does the rar file extract with no errors? When you start the program, what does the error message say?
Hi there. :D I've liked this game so far! But.. in the Office building.. is it? where there is a fountain in front of it and where Natsuri waits for her boyfriend. (and I still can't give the right directions to her boyfriend. Poor Natsuri!)

Okay! So when I go up the elevator, and arrive at my destination.. it always says, Unable to find file Audio/BGS/typing(multiple) .

And I checked the BGS folder, and it's right there!

What do I do? S.O.S! D'X

Oh! And regarding the mission for Natsuri, I got a bit dizzy thinking about MY POINT OF VIEW OF RIGHT AND LEFT OR HER BOYFRIEND'S RIGHT AND LEFT. Because, when my character tells him, 'Just go down then..' the choices are right or left right? Is it my right or left or Natsuri's boyfriend's?

S.O.S again! DDD'X

And Denny's is a family restaurant right? Yes, I can pretty much agree I came from the mountains! \(^///////////^)/

Great game! I loved the atmosphere and everything! Thanks so much! So I really hope you can help meeeee!
Hi thanks for downloading and playing my game! I'm sorry about the problem sound file, I'm sure I fixed that ages ago... I assume you have the latest version of the game. The problem is that sound file was originally named using Japanese IME, and although the brackets look the same they are actually Japanese brackets, if that makes sense. I'll check it when I get home. If you don't have japanese language enabled on your computer you might have to edit the game and delete the file. If you need to do that, pm me and I'll tell you how.

The second problem is easier: it's from the POV of the guy, so your right is his left. (I.e turn left at the karaoke). Hope that helps!
If you have any more problems please let me know! ^_^
Where can I get the film for Hotaru?

For the school nurse, after finding the locker where the pictures are kept where is the key?
Hi, thanks for playing my game!

You can buy the film from the convenience store after completing the mission there.

For the key, go to the classroom with the teacher who keeps kicking you out. You have to sneak up on the student when the teachers not looking, then you can grab the key off him.
Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more problems!
After the nurse problem I go to the Doctor and when I return to bring the student back I receive this. Unable to find file Graphics/Pictures/Bsmile.png. Help
After the nurse problem I go to the Doctor and when I return to bring the student back I receive this. Unable to find file Graphics/Pictures/Bsmile.png. Help

What do I do about the theif that took my items?
For the thief, you need to chase him round town. He wears different clothes, but his closed eyes are always the same. Talk to him about 5 times I think.

I'm sorry about the file error, I thought I'd fixed that :(
You'll have to find the folder where you installed HeiwabokeCrisis then go to Graphics>Pictures. Find Bhappy.png and copy then rename it to Bsmile. This should work!
How do I get the girl out of the tree?

How do I get the cigs past the guard?

Where can I find the person that is missing from School?
Where can I find a place to recharge a battery?
Where can I find a place to recharge a battery?
The missing girl is in the toilets. Examine the notebook on the floor.
For the cigarettes, cut a hole in the encyclopedia you can buy from the bookshop using nail scissors from the chemists, then put the cigarettes inside.
For the battery, get the lightning rod from the side of the church (you can see it during a thunderstorm) and use it on the car. Then wait for another thunderstorm.
I don't remember any part with a girl stuck in a tree...if you mean the ninja, you don't need to do anything as her mission is finished.
For the thief can he be found inside any house? I am currently on the 3rd version of him. Any tips would be helpful. I only need two more girls.
I think maybe he's in the clothes shop, if I recall correctly...
Question? Where is the massage Parlor? Searched all of the map that I could get too can't find it.
It's just after the karate dojo, down a short dead end alley. There's a sign of a mermaid outside.
The download file has no autotiles.
I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you mean. Are there map tiles missing in your game? Do you have the RTP?