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I was (pleasantly) surprised to see Heiwaboke Crisis featured on the front page as a Hidden Gem. I have no idea by what esoteric process Gems are chosen, or whether my game lives up to the title, but it's nice to see loads more people downloading it. I hope people are enjoying my game, please bear in mind it was my first game made 4 or 5 years ago, so it has plenty of flaws.
Anyway, although I'm not making any games at the moment (due to imminent parenthood ^_^) it would still be nice to get any feedback or reviews. In the meantime, thanks to the rpgmaker gods for their choice and please enjoy!


Special Edition! Now with quest log!

So although I thought I had finished with this game, while I was looking for scripts for Battle Royale I came across game_guy's Quest Log script and I thought it was perfect for Heiwaboke Crisis. So a couple of hours later I present this special edition version! You now start with an item called "Mission notebook" which you can check anytime to see your active and completed missions. Plus it gives a rating out of 9 for each Evil Spirit, meaning that you can have an idea if you're strong enough to challenge it before completing the mission. Thanks to game_guy and I hope you enjoy!


Ver 2.3 more bugs exterminated

Thanks to alouette for finding some more sound bugs, I've gone through and replaced more instances of problem sound files. In my defence, I never identified this problem on my computer since I have Japanese IME installed, but obviously lots of other people have had problems. My apologies! If there are any more bugs out there I'm grateful to anyone who can point them out.

Lesson learnt: next game, use testers o_O


Sound bugs fixed

I've added a new download, with a fix for the missing sound files in the family restaurant and tailor mini game. Please get the new version if you've been having problems. I hope this will be the final version...



It's been kindly pointed out to me that I missed one sound file :-( In the Denny's family restaurant mission there's a missing sound file attached to the animation "kiss". Until I release a patched version, you can get round it by removing the play SE command on the animation. I think it's actually possible to complete the game without finishing this mission though.

If anyone has found any other missing files or glitches please let me know so I can fix them all at once. Thanks!


Heiwaboke Crisis ver.2

I've been meaning to do this for a while, and I finally had a bit of time today. Made the following changes:

-fixed the sound bugs some people were experiencing. I've checked and renamed all the sound files from Japanese to English.

-In order to make the battles less frustrating, the Mystical Orb can now be used in battle to instantly kill any enemy. I'm not saying it should be abused, but the option is there. Ideally I wanted to scale the enemy level to the player lever, but I couldn't find a suitable script and I don't have the time to do it manually, so this will do for now.

-Added option to skip the prologue.

-Fixed the credits not displaying correctly at the end of game.

-Made the file RTP free, so you don't need to have RPG Maker XP to play.

Any feedback on these changes, the game in general etc. most appreciated!


Evil Spirit help

I've added to the hints section the recommended order for fighting the Evil Spirits. For those having problems with missing sound files, it works fine on my laptop so I think the problem could be related to the Japanese IME. When I have time I'll go through the files. In the meantime, I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me exactly where the problem is (anywhere else apart from the family restaurant and tailors?)


New version uploaded

Rapidshare finally decided to start working for me again, so I've uploaded a new version fixing the bugs. Anyone having problems with playing sound files with Japanese characters should try this version. I've also fixed a problem preventing you fighting one of the Evil Spirits, plus a few other small things.


Bug fix and new upload

Following feedback, I've gone through and taken out some of the bugs that were causing problems. At the moment I'm re-uploading to Megaupload.com, then I'll place a new download link. I've fixed the sound problem some people were having and replaced some missing files, as well as a few other things I found whilst testing. In the meantime, there's a few points I've noticed:

-When playing as the Fashion Gal, in the onsen you have to press "D" to leave, not "Z"
-there's a problem with a missing sprite as well as a mission glitch with Nao in the Maid cafe. Actually, it is possible to finish the game without killing all the Evil Spirits, so you should still be able to continue.
-There's a problem with a Student sound file when talking to Mirai the elevator girl, meaning you can't complete her mission. Again, it should be possible to complete the game without this one.
-If you use Fashion Gal's Parasite Single attack she disappears from the game map (she becomes invisible).

If there's any other bugs please let me know. I hope to have the fixed version up this afternoon. Sorry! ^_^


NOT hentai!

Yes, there are female characters.
No, it is not hentai.
If you want a hentai game, I'm sure you can find a proper one if you search hard enough...Complete the game, read the credits and you can find out where the characters come from ^_^
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