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Elemental Strike is a short (hopefully 30 minutes when complete) game.


In this alternate world to ours, four elementals rule over the small area named Molly's Green. The world is peaceful mostly, but danger, as always, lurks in the shadows.
Several important people vanish, a tomb appears, while the elemental vanish.
When found, some have lost their calm and caring personality, and started fighting people.


*Eight characters
*Hidden items
*Side 'quests'
*Fighting the elementals


Around 50% complete. Final boss and elemental needed, and a lot of spelling/ bug fixes. The maps will get changed a bit, as they are VERY empty.

*Please note, this is my first RPXP game. It may not be very good.*

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I'm continuing the project, and hopefully the complete playable game will be out by february! If anyone can help, that'd be great.


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Guardian of the Description Thread
Are the elements of this game Fire-Wind-Water-Earth, or the slightly more traditional Fire-Ice-Bolk?

Aside from this query, the mapping for this game looks kinda big and empty. Maybe try making a smaller map, then filling in the details? I dunno. I should probably be the last person to talk about mapping!
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