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Rise of Dragon Souls
Sinchross is licensed under a LicenseCreative Commons Attribution-noncommercial-Sealed creating derivative works 3.0 Brazil, the use of any materials created for this game is forbidden.

The winner of the monthly best project contest in the Mundo Rpgmaker and Centro Rpgmaker.

Winner of the contest "Hit the High (Ad) Spots" in the rpgmakerweb.com.
Link: http://blog.rpgmakerweb.com/announcements/hit-the-high-ad-spots-winner/
The winner trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eju5Htr1FA8

*I'm needing someone to help me to correct my grammar on some english texts that I want to post here telling about the game history and some texts in the game trailer that I need to correct. I'm sorry about my bad english...But I'm trying to do my best for that you can understand me and the game history.

*The topic is being updated.


All Videos Here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF28142ECA20D0948

15 - 07 - 2013

25 - 06 - 2013

08 - 14 - 2012

07 - 20 - 2012

Latest Blog

Darkness Ascension - Download and Trailer!

I'm participating in the Indie Game Maker Contest 2014.

I created a new game and in this game I'm telling the story from a main character of Rise of Dragon Souls. The story happens before of the RODS's story and take place in a dungeon located in a Dark Knight Fortress. (Arkhan is a Dark Knight, if you don't remember this fact).

You control Halbert Halfgrand that is a Despherian Templar Knight, or also known like a Holy Knight.
He is captured and imprisoned in this place without know why they keep him alive without give him answers.

But he manages to escape the prison and discover that the Fortress is being attacked for another force, someone send a lot of strange mercenaries to put an end in your life, and some strange magic creatures that are following you in the shadows.

The game will give you a little feeling of what will be the battle system of Rise of Dragon Souls, I made this game, characters, sceneries and graphics in just 22 days and hope that you can give me some feedback.

Here is a trailer of the game:

You can download and vote for the game here:

I'm counting with your help to continue the development of Rise of Dragon Souls!!

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  • sinchross
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
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  • 05/09/2011 08:12 AM
  • 03/26/2019 10:32 PM
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Damn dude, your game looks pretty as hell. Clicks the subscribe button.
These looks pretty cool man. Some screen shots look a bit over done though... I think you should use some of your lighting effects occasionally. Just remember to NOT make your maps too dark or to contrasted to really see what's going on. The player should clearly see things on the map.

Thanks! But the game have day and night system, then the maps change a little in the dark. I already make some pages to add about the history and a video, but I don't know how to do they appears in the game page together with the Menu Images and download.

Also you got to replace the graphics for the title. It's pretty hard to read and generally not so nice to look at.

Thanks for the tip. I will make this soon ^^

Here I'll tell you the ones I like in general,

The interiors are very well done. I still like your outer areas a lot too but


The first one is an example of getting too dark and using weird hues. Red isn't so bad but it should be subtle. The second screen, this world map does not really compare with the other one. I think you're adding too many effects and the map just comes off as too busy and different from the other world map posted.

That's because that region of the map don't is the place where that house is located. And in that exemple worldmap, is day time, and in the house, is night time. =]

In general, the sprite design is very refreshing and I can sense a pretty cool level of atmosphere.

Hope I helped.

You can be sure that you helped a lot!! Thanks for the comment!
Is a shame that I cannot do the story menu appears...
The game atmosphere in some parts is dense and dark... the game objetive in the begining is to save a continent called Telkyr from the destrution, that is caused by a Creature of Ishtar, creatures that are known by most people as devils.
I never realized how awesome XP/VX games can look because so few people try to get away from the ugly square RTP. This is the kind of thing that raises the bar for future developers.
Make sure you never let this project die.
Weird. I looked at this on RMRK only yesterday. Kinda surprised to find it here too in such a short time. ;D
Looks pretty good, nice job.
Also you got to replace the graphics for the title. It's pretty hard to read and generally not so nice to look at.

I second this to the max.
@Dyhalto ->
Thanks ^^ , I will make everything that is possible to my project don't die ^^

@dezz123 ->
Thanks dude =D

Clyve ->
But i already replace the graphics of the title. ^^
Looks awesome and I agree with Dylato. So many people let their games die and it's a BIG dissappointment. This one looks like it has potential. Subscribing.
Are these custom chipsets created by you/your team, because those screenshots look phenominal. :O
Wow, this has the best looking overhead 2d graphics I've ever seen.
The graphics aren't perfect, but they are amazing. :)

If you made any of those graphics please tell me what your secret is. ^^
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
The quality of these graphics is insanely good.
I was wondering... Will the final release of this game and/or it's demos (if you make any demos) be in English or at least will there be a fully-translated English version available when you're done?

Also would love to hear more behind the scenes stuff about how this project came to be/who's involved etc.
@ Hardin91 - I've edited and created some chipesets to create that world map =]
Thanks for the compliment man!

@Felix20 - I've made all the things about the graphics, that is editing or creating something new to be added to the set, the secret is artistic, I use a lot of art in each type of tile.

@Lockez - Thanks for the compliment man! I'm glad that you liked!

@NewBlacy -> Then, I am the only one directly involved in the project.
I have intention to release a demo in English, but in the moment I'm focusing on my native language because some people coming here will test the game and I need be that they understand what they are doing when playing.
But surely I've decided to post the game here because an English translation is inevitable.
Don't make games in Portuguese. It's not worth it.
It's way easier to get people to help you to translate it to Enlish than to find people to play games in Portuguese. Honestly. Brazilian RM community is not what it once was anymore.
Hi there,

your game looks fantastic - can't wait, that it'll be finished.
Holy pretty, batman.

Very nice, Sinchross =) I just have a couple remarks; as mentioned above, the logo has a lot going on. I'm not sure what change you made, I see one without an outer glow and one with. In this case, I'm definitely thinking less is more (if you understand the idiom). Solid color, or simpler color-based textures. You might be surprised how much class you could add to your game with such minor tweaks.

Also, the vignette effect is a bit strong on the images that have them. For example, the corners reach full-black. This is especially confusing in scenes that don't necessarily appear to be at night, like that market scene. It's a nice effect; I've messed with it before. I've found that having a strong vignette makes a bold statement, while a much lighter vignette adds a really nice texture to an image.

Speaking of texture, I see that all of your maps are post-processed; very well, too. A lot of effort. I have some questions regarding your process.

1) Do you create the maps in RPG Maker first, then screenshot them over to Photoshop, then bring them back over to RPG Maker as a parallax BG? Or do you leave the maps there, create the lighting effects in Photoshop as a transparent layer, and load them up in RPG Maker as an overlay? Do you use one overlay, or many per map?

2) Do your maps scroll, or are they all minimum size? That seems unlikely, but to pull off those effects, it looks like you'd have to combine a parallax BG with one or more overlays.

I'd also like to hear what your general process is in Photoshop =) It looks like you apply a painstaking amount of shadowing, lighting, and overall texture. Sorry for the all the questions!
So yeah, one of the screenies appeared in my Random Screenshots. Any progress happening?
This looks like another one of the best project ever in rpg maker. I only subscribe to projects that look worthy and you've proved it with your visuals. Watched your trailer. Wondering when you gonna have a download up.
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