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Darkness Ascension - Download and Trailer!

I'm participating in the Indie Game Maker Contest 2014.

I created a new game and in this game I'm telling the story from a main character of Rise of Dragon Souls. The story happens before of the RODS's story and take place in a dungeon located in a Dark Knight Fortress. (Arkhan is a Dark Knight, if you don't remember this fact).

You control Halbert Halfgrand that is a Despherian Templar Knight, or also known like a Holy Knight.
He is captured and imprisoned in this place without know why they keep him alive without give him answers.

But he manages to escape the prison and discover that the Fortress is being attacked for another force, someone send a lot of strange mercenaries to put an end in your life, and some strange magic creatures that are following you in the shadows.

The game will give you a little feeling of what will be the battle system of Rise of Dragon Souls, I made this game, characters, sceneries and graphics in just 22 days and hope that you can give me some feedback.

Here is a trailer of the game:

You can download and vote for the game here:

I'm counting with your help to continue the development of Rise of Dragon Souls!!


Progress Report

Game Design

New Game Concept Informations!

Rise of Dragon Souls is an open world RPG where the players have great freedom to integrate their characters to the game scenario .

Inspired by games like Fallout 1 and 2 and The Elder Scrolls series, Rise of Dragon Souls tries to give the players freedom to create their own character and offers them a place within the game world society, unlike many other games where the character is just an avatar with no past, hometown, friends, enemies or family.

You can choose the family your character belongs and possible links with guilds/factions that will define the character goals.

There are numerous families and their prestige affects the character's popularity and how people in the world will react to him or her.

By choosing a powerful family, you can have access to certain places that would otherwise be almost impossible to access without much effort or a lot of blood shedding (if you aren't very friendly, because you can attack any character in the game, including your own family).

Each time you start a new game you can be amazed by the changes in the storyline behind the game right after the characters creation, since they is not attached to the main story and can just venture through the world looking for items to be found, people to meet and stories to participate.So, you can become what you want to be: a great hero, a wanderer, or a great threat to all civilization, taking sides with the evil forces.

The gameplay is action-based and the character can jump some obstacles through the scenario. It offers a battle system where you can, by causing critical damage, dismember, decapitate or crush your opponents.

Give a look in the concept of the game in the steam Community: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=183193713

And don't forget to subscribe = ]

Progress Report

Warrior Walking Trailer

Leather Armor

Progress Report

New Video - 15 - 07 - 2013

Invalid YouTube URLhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=P1_ZTaHhC1Q

Progress Report

New Graphical Changes

I'm was all this time making some adjustments to the graphical pattern of the game.
Now I present you the new achievements in the game graphical e presentation sphere.




Progress Report

New Hero Sprites Style = ]

New outfit and 8 Frames in the walk movement = ]

The walk movement is a 8 frames chara... the walk archive have 32 different poses for the walk movement. The archive to the running graphic of the character have the same value, 32 diferent poses for the running movement. xD (8 for each direction).

And for the attack, I'm using the same 8 frames to each direction xD.

A normal Npc will consist of a two archives of 32 poses. A archive only for the stand pose and a second one for the walk pose. The enemies have at last three archives of 32 poses... the extra archive is for the attack animation.


(sorry for my english, I'm without time now to revise the grammar)


A new possible change in the project name

I received some critics about the new title and, because that, I was thinking about a new name for the project.

And if that happens, I hope that all of you, gamers that are willing to wait until the end of the game development, understand that necessity... I will make changes to the title to better fit the main plot ( that is in the book that I am writing in paralel with the game).

Soon I will anounce the changes after the definition of the new title design.

Thanks for your suport!

Progress Report

A new video!


Some Parallel Histories...

Sor Ulrich Hein Battle Report.

The rain fell while the expedition was in the field. I was near the prince, very near. The cloak of night covered our heads, but the stars hid from our eyes, and what was more disturbing was the furious dark red sky that even now refuses to run away from my memory.

Sor Ulrich drawning

We had already had several battles so far with few casualties.We walked to the nearest town, already prepared for a new battle.We noticed a great track and ... traces of human bodies scattered on the floor.Our spies returned and told us that the town seemed deserted. In the rush of training and preparations, the prince was certain that there were few men in town and would be easy to take it without guards.

We crossed a hill and could observe the city from a high place. No movement or even torches or signs of life. The Prince commanded that we go foward to make a sneaky attack on the houses, and that's what our soldiers did.

"Only bodies in the houses, my lord!" - Shouted the captain of one of the brigades. We went down the ravine to reach the city, at that time I lost my balance and I fell awkwardly, that was enough to distract ourself with the sound of my armor touching the ground, echoing in the silence of that dark night. I got up with the help of the prince smiling a little, gentle as ever. "Caution Sor Ulrich, the night knows how to hide its dangers."I apologized to the Prince, and a moment later I noticed the screams and sounds of battle. The dead rose from the darkness, armed and powerful, and now we battled demons.Their heads fall with our blows but they went ahead. Your majesty, and our men panicked and began to flee, but it was too late, the city was surrounded by the dead who crept silently behind our backs. We struggled with no hope for our lives, and the dead ate the flesh of our soldiers who fell, the terror spread when the wounded were taken by walking corpses and devoured in front of us. We had one soldier for every group of five apparently dead, the prince fought bravely with us .
That's when something hit my head and I woke up still not sure how long after. The dead were burned alive, there was a great smell of burning, a man picked me up, he said that we needed to leave from there. I did not see anyone else around me, just bodies and more bodies, fire and screams. I noticed and saw that the man possessed a black gown and a cloak with which covered his head, he had a white beard that made explicit his age and he used a steel sword which was very well designed. I got up and started to search for our prince, through the bodies piled up and burned, by my companions who were consumed by death.And I heard a scream, the man who picked me up asked me to come out of there, screaming loudly. I did not understand the subject and tried to figure out by looking around, and saw shadows creeping across the floor, black and cadaverous, but as ethereal spirits of the more fanciful tales. They walked generating an awful noise of mourning and dragged their swords on the floor, the man said some strange words while I sought my sword, the spectrum appeared before me prepared to attack, I tried to move my sword to cut him in half but it didn't hurt it! He cocked his arm to ready an attack, his body boiled and burst into flames. The man with the white beard was with his hands pointed at the monster and he was tired, I had time to grab my sword and ran away,I did not believe I had been saved by a heretic magic user,your majesty, but I saw no other choice but to retreat ... I found no one standing and was chased by several spectra, but managed to escape to the bay and I drove to our ship. Sailors were waiting and they rescued me.

This is my story, your majesty, I do not know where the soldiers were nor our prince, but my report is not all favorable to us, that place is evil and the evil beings are taking everything, even the dead from the tombs to use them in the battles.

I know that it is hard to believe me, but I think that we need to stay home and prepare to one day, have to fight with those things...

The Prince is missing in the darkness...and we must pray to the gods for him...

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