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The great hero Lutine was sent to end the Dark Wizard's reign of terror, and everything was going swimmingly -- until Lutine was thrown from the top of his tower. Now, she has been given a second chance -- but will this time be any different?

A remake of Lysander's THE FROZEN WORLD. Has overhauled gameplay systems, interface, and maps. But could there be additional things to rediscover?

Note: these screenshots (except for the test window one) are mostly outdated, but still representative of the game.

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Development Update

I've completed the map for the dungeon for the RS! demo. The dungeon is just a singular map about 80x120 tiles large. This is the very first location in the game and won't take too long to get through.

As far as programming work, I wrote systems to handle cutscenes as well as map-interactive objects such as save points and treasure chests.

This is nitty gritty stuff, but maybe someone cares to know about it.
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  • 12/07/2007 05:16 PM
  • 01/14/2024 05:38 AM
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I see you've started work on this again, eh?
WIP, if you finish this... I'll personally see to it that you are Knighted. Sir WIP.
an aristocrat of rpgmaker culture
Looking forward to this!
Played the original. It was a decent game but hopefully you'll make it as awesome as A Blurred Line!
Wow, very nice. Can't wait to try it out.
Excellent. Are you by any chance ever going to consider remaking A Blurred Line? Or is that something you'll never touch?
remaking ABL seems silly, I think WIP is making Frozen World because he likes the straight to the point story and the CBS is being abit clunky.
Looks confusing and great. Cool chipsets.
Played your demo. I think you did a good job at making TFW a better game to play. Hoping you finish this project. I did play a bit of the original TFW but never finished it due to it's clunky gameplay. This though was a much better product.
This game's demo was the one that drew made me want to use ika in the first place, and this certainly doesn't disappoint, either! Awesome work, WIP! ^_^
New demo is different i see improvements.
Yup i waiting for this too. I'm fan of FW.
Maaan. Reallly that was goood demo. We want more ! Lys is sleeping only you can continue this avesome gameplay.
i wonder if ika runs properly on windows 10, the game's freezing when i try to run it :(

it runs, but then it becomes unresponsive for a minute or so, works for a few seconds, goes unresponsive again etc

only on the menu
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
You gonna finish this?
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