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Nice battle demo!

This battle demo is very good for a remake of Lysander's THE FROZEN WORLD. Many improved aspects as well as a nice battle system.

The graphics were a little bit awkward, the water doesn't move, and the sandflowers don't move either. However, the map is very nicely drawn.

A few bugs were found at the end of a map since Lutine didn't do anything. The next thing I notice when I press Up, I find that Lutine is walking on the black space.

As I told you, WIP's mapping is pretty good, not in RPG Maker, using RPG Maker's charasets and the chipsets as well.

Programming is nice too, the battle system is very well coded as well as the new and improved menu. The font also matches the menu, and is easy to see. (It usually appears in the small window when I run ika anyways).

Overall, this is a very nice battle demo that everyone should try. Some bugs should be fixed in the final version, but except the bugs, there's nothing wrong with it. I hope you guys think so too.