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Progress Report

Back in business.

Hey everyone… Huh? What do you mean, who are you? Don’t you guys remember me?

…Okay so I know I haven’t exactly been very active lately. I’ll come clean, White Magic has been quietly on hiatus for a little while now. You know how it goes: life, love, responsibilities, and all the crap that gets in the way of the important stuff - like making a game. However I’m here to tell you that White Magic is no longer on hiatus and is back in production. Since the official release of RPG Maker 2003 I’ve been chipping away at my old love.

I’ve also decided to re-release the demo, and this time just leave it up for good and let people actually PLAY it. It’s an improved version that’s been sitting on my computer for a long time now. The changes are minor: I addressed some issues, fixed bugs, added some small features and improved pieces of dialogue here and there, and updated it to the legal maker. The bulk of it remains the same though, so don’t be disappointed if you were hoping for a new experience. If you do come across any issues, please get in touch so I can fix them.

Anyway, I’d like to thank those 49 fake accounts I made subscribers for sticking with me through out the dry spell. You’re the best! Hopefully you’ll see more updates from me, as I do have more to show in the future that I’m keeping secret for now.

It’s good to be back!


On the hunt!

Oh, another update! Well look at me, keeping you all informed and shit.

Yeah, I’m been busy. Firstly the Casanero map that I slaved over for literal months has now been scrapped because I lost my sanity completely. I can’t map cities to save my life and when I manage to, I obsess over stupid little things. I’ve changed the chipset and the city is more of a little fishing town now, but I’ve gotten to a point where I am happy without sacrificing all that good story stuff. Unfortunately the final town in the game is a big city and it can’t be turned into a little backwater village like Casanero, so I’m kind of fucked, but I’ll worry about that later! You may now take bets on which month this year I will cancel this game.

So are you wondering when is the next demo is out? … Very soon! This whole PM is about hunting down some beta testers actually!

I’m only looking for about three people. Maybe. Even if you have never done it before, absolutely anyone can be a beta tester (it’s not exactly a privilege) but if you’re name is cloudstrife4life and you have zero posts on RMN I’m going to give you a resounding no/ignore your PM forever and hope you don’t look at the “Who’s Online” section. So if you’re interested in helping me, make sure you understand what I am asking for:

1) I would love to keep the same testers throughout. Would you beta test not only this release, but all future releases as well until the games completion? If you beta test only one release I won’t be happy! Not even death will excuse this. If you die, you have to come back to life temporarily and finish my notes.

2) If you played the original demo, sorry but you’re going to have to play chapter one again! It remains mostly the same, but many minor things have changed, meaning it needs to be tested. =(

3) I know the original demo had a lot of amateur spelling and grammar mistakes, but I do somewhat pride myself on trying to make an enjoyable polished product. To me, a game breaking bug is just as important as incorrect spelling and inconstancies. If that sounds like something you don’t mind searching for, we’ll get along great!

4) I may set myself deadlines, but I won’t be setting you any, so no worries if you have a hectic life. The demo gets released when it’s gets released, I don’t have a quota to meet, this is a hobby! That being said it’s only just over 2 hours long, so don’t be a jerk about it.

Thanks for reading! If you decide to do it, you will appear on the game page, in the credits and I will also return the favour should you ever need something beta testing, I’m a fucking swell guy, right? Don’t answer that, I already know I am. Also, I’m taking down the current download in one weeks time. You’ve had a whole year to download it, so if you still haven’t yet you should! Unless of course you don’t like the look of it, then I would recommend not downloading it.

tldr the download is disappearing soon and I think you’re a wild animal.

Progress Report

The expected disappointing update.

Hey everyone, just thought I’d post a blog today…

…What? Okay fine, I don’t typically update that much. Since absolutely no one has asked me, I’ll come right out and say it! This has nothing really to do with the new download I promised you. Chapter two is late, I don’t really know how late exactly, but I’m gonna say December or January time. Even if I don’t stick to them (lol), deadlines really motivate me, besides; chapter two is actually the longest chapter in the game, so you better get off my back, nobody. But at least that’s something. SOMETHING UPSETTING.

For those of you still here, what am I actually gonna yammer on about then? Well, I finally finished chapter one! I mean, I know the available download is the entire complete chapter one, but it isn’t COMPLETE. See the difference? (I used caps lock the second time). There was many embarrassing spelling and grammar issues, as well as battle balance issues, and some other things that have been resolved, thanks to an awesome bunch of people that responded in the comments and via PM, I seriously have the best subscribers. Thanks again everyone! Anyway some of these improvements are:

1) You know treasure chests and how much they arouse me? Well Miracle I came up with this idea that whenever you stand on a save point, a recap appears in the top. I mean, you might forget if you ever got all the chests or not! Not anymore, sister! Miracle also created the graphic for it on a passing whim, so if you have any problems with the look of it, direct it to him, and not the creator of the game. Thanks.

2) You know what, I hated Kraylin Wood. I hated it with every fibre of my being. Well, some fibres liked it, but most of them didn’t. I kept the basic layout, but I choose the wrong chipset which has terrible impossible to use tree trunks, and it felt too messy. Yeah those two reasons. I always said I have to let go of those kind of things, or the game will never see the light of day. I make a map and then I move on, but since I did release something, I can now go back to being my old ridiculous self. Yay! But honestly, did you even see what the tree trunks looked like? Fuck that chipset.

3) I MAY have already mentioned this (I definitely did), but both the Rivalette bug and the world map menu bug are gone for good. So if you run into that problem, give me a PM ASAP and I’ll send you the enhanced this chapter. Your old save should work, but you’ll have items you’re not supposed to have, which would be very naughty of you.

There are other little things done too I won’t mention now, you’ll see them for yourself at some point (lol). Also, don’t take this blog the wrong way, or that I haven’t been working on new stuff, because I have, I really have. But these things had to be sorted out, trust me I can’t let any problems, big or small get on top of me, I know what happens when they do (see Collision of Villnoire). It’s put me in a really good mood to say I’ve finished a chapter 100% and I never technically have to go back to it. Shit gets done when I’m in a good mood, just thought you might want to know that.

…as in work in RM gets done, not as in I need to go for a poo. Alright, okay.

Progress Report

Ah, bless, my first blog!

Since I passed a personal set milestone recently (ages ago), I decided I’d give you an update, Y’know, because I haven’t yet. At all (you know it‘s been a long time if you forget how you actually make a blog). The reason I haven’t made a blog so far, is because I didn’t feel like I’d done enough to warrant one. However, since my track record for cancelling games is nearly on par with Lennon, I wanted to make sure you guys knew that I wasn’t done with this in anyway shape or form. I’m just covering things I’ve already done, and a little preview of things to come I guess.

Okay, so far I’ve done:

- Fixed all known spelling and grammar mistakes. (Thank you Miracle and NicoB)
- Enemies hit slightly harder, but so do your spells. Also improved some skills to be more useful (Raw Herbs, Helping Hand)
- Increased EXP gained from battles by a small amount.
- Added more animations to the boss, so now it’s even easier to tell when his shield is up.
- Since there are more water type enemies in the dungeon than wind, you receive an earth spell instead of a fire spell, at the start of the game.
- Changed the Lucky Ribbon accessory to a Glossy Necklace (prevents Scare), as it is more helpful in the boss fight.
- Gave an outline to monster names to increase readability. Tried putting the names in a box, and it looked ugly.
- I THINK/HOPE I’ve fixed the Rivalette bug that crashes the game for like, 5% of people. I just re-named the door charaset (so it doesn‘t have a weird name anymore), and then changed it on the maps that use it.
- Fixed the quick jump menu when going into Rivalette.

The main thing I have to do in chapter two is mapping really. I only have to map one dungeon, one town, it’s interiors and a few miscellaneous maps. So what have I been doing? I’ve been mapping stuff for chapter three and four. So clever of me! The town in chapter two is just eugh. It’s just so euuugnnnhhh, and I can never be bothered to map it. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

I’ve done plenty of database stuff too, (and there’s a new game mechanic introduced that I think you’ll like) but I honestly haven’t made the progress that I thought I would have by now because I‘m dicking about. Maybe it’s because most things I’ve done are hidden away and not staring me in the face every time I have the project open. I’m still waiting on my sudden and desperate surge of interest in which I’ll bulldoze through progress at twice the speed. That should be due sometime soon. I mean, the general consensuses of this blog is “It’s getting there”, and it is folks, I stand firm on my October release date, it‘s just this fucking town that won‘t euggghhhtegg. Anyway, I probably won’t do another blog for ages mostly because I’m lazy, but also because you get 4 Makerscore, and it messes with my total. I have to have it end it either a 0 or 5 so it looks neat and tidy. GONNA HAVE TO UPLOAD A NEW SCREENSHOT FOR MY ONE WHOLE MAKERSCORE NOW BRB.

Before I go, I’ll leave you this song. iTunes says I’ve listened to it 87 times, and I map like a beast and I always feel like working on this game whenever I listen to it. It’s getting me through the hard eugh times. Thanks for reading! Until never again!

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