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Ah, bless, my first blog!

Since I passed a personal set milestone recently (ages ago), I decided I’d give you an update, Y’know, because I haven’t yet. At all (you know it‘s been a long time if you forget how you actually make a blog). The reason I haven’t made a blog so far, is because I didn’t feel like I’d done enough to warrant one. However, since my track record for cancelling games is nearly on par with Lennon, I wanted to make sure you guys knew that I wasn’t done with this in anyway shape or form. I’m just covering things I’ve already done, and a little preview of things to come I guess.

Okay, so far I’ve done:

- Fixed all known spelling and grammar mistakes. (Thank you Miracle and NicoB)
- Enemies hit slightly harder, but so do your spells. Also improved some skills to be more useful (Raw Herbs, Helping Hand)
- Increased EXP gained from battles by a small amount.
- Added more animations to the boss, so now it’s even easier to tell when his shield is up.
- Since there are more water type enemies in the dungeon than wind, you receive an earth spell instead of a fire spell, at the start of the game.
- Changed the Lucky Ribbon accessory to a Glossy Necklace (prevents Scare), as it is more helpful in the boss fight.
- Gave an outline to monster names to increase readability. Tried putting the names in a box, and it looked ugly.
- I THINK/HOPE I’ve fixed the Rivalette bug that crashes the game for like, 5% of people. I just re-named the door charaset (so it doesn‘t have a weird name anymore), and then changed it on the maps that use it.
- Fixed the quick jump menu when going into Rivalette.

The main thing I have to do in chapter two is mapping really. I only have to map one dungeon, one town, it’s interiors and a few miscellaneous maps. So what have I been doing? I’ve been mapping stuff for chapter three and four. So clever of me! The town in chapter two is just eugh. It’s just so euuugnnnhhh, and I can never be bothered to map it. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

I’ve done plenty of database stuff too, (and there’s a new game mechanic introduced that I think you’ll like) but I honestly haven’t made the progress that I thought I would have by now because I‘m dicking about. Maybe it’s because most things I’ve done are hidden away and not staring me in the face every time I have the project open. I’m still waiting on my sudden and desperate surge of interest in which I’ll bulldoze through progress at twice the speed. That should be due sometime soon. I mean, the general consensuses of this blog is “It’s getting there”, and it is folks, I stand firm on my October release date, it‘s just this fucking town that won‘t euggghhhtegg. Anyway, I probably won’t do another blog for ages mostly because I’m lazy, but also because you get 4 Makerscore, and it messes with my total. I have to have it end it either a 0 or 5 so it looks neat and tidy. GONNA HAVE TO UPLOAD A NEW SCREENSHOT FOR MY ONE WHOLE MAKERSCORE NOW BRB.

Before I go, I’ll leave you this song. iTunes says I’ve listened to it 87 times, and I map like a beast and I always feel like working on this game whenever I listen to it. It’s getting me through the hard eugh times. Thanks for reading! Until never again!


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Awesome Map :D, love the song though,
i have that problem too that i dont feel like working on it lol, KH3D is out and i have to play it :D,
Thanx for the update love your game! ;D
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