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The expected disappointing update.

Hey everyone, just thought I’d post a blog today…

…What? Okay fine, I don’t typically update that much. Since absolutely no one has asked me, I’ll come right out and say it! This has nothing really to do with the new download I promised you. Chapter two is late, I don’t really know how late exactly, but I’m gonna say December or January time. Even if I don’t stick to them (lol), deadlines really motivate me, besides; chapter two is actually the longest chapter in the game, so you better get off my back, nobody. But at least that’s something. SOMETHING UPSETTING.

For those of you still here, what am I actually gonna yammer on about then? Well, I finally finished chapter one! I mean, I know the available download is the entire complete chapter one, but it isn’t COMPLETE. See the difference? (I used caps lock the second time). There was many embarrassing spelling and grammar issues, as well as battle balance issues, and some other things that have been resolved, thanks to an awesome bunch of people that responded in the comments and via PM, I seriously have the best subscribers. Thanks again everyone! Anyway some of these improvements are:

1) You know treasure chests and how much they arouse me? Well Miracle I came up with this idea that whenever you stand on a save point, a recap appears in the top. I mean, you might forget if you ever got all the chests or not! Not anymore, sister! Miracle also created the graphic for it on a passing whim, so if you have any problems with the look of it, direct it to him, and not the creator of the game. Thanks.

2) You know what, I hated Kraylin Wood. I hated it with every fibre of my being. Well, some fibres liked it, but most of them didn’t. I kept the basic layout, but I choose the wrong chipset which has terrible impossible to use tree trunks, and it felt too messy. Yeah those two reasons. I always said I have to let go of those kind of things, or the game will never see the light of day. I make a map and then I move on, but since I did release something, I can now go back to being my old ridiculous self. Yay! But honestly, did you even see what the tree trunks looked like? Fuck that chipset.

3) I MAY have already mentioned this (I definitely did), but both the Rivalette bug and the world map menu bug are gone for good. So if you run into that problem, give me a PM ASAP and I’ll send you the enhanced this chapter. Your old save should work, but you’ll have items you’re not supposed to have, which would be very naughty of you.

There are other little things done too I won’t mention now, you’ll see them for yourself at some point (lol). Also, don’t take this blog the wrong way, or that I haven’t been working on new stuff, because I have, I really have. But these things had to be sorted out, trust me I can’t let any problems, big or small get on top of me, I know what happens when they do (see Collision of Villnoire). It’s put me in a really good mood to say I’ve finished a chapter 100% and I never technically have to go back to it. Shit gets done when I’m in a good mood, just thought you might want to know that.

…as in work in RM gets done, not as in I need to go for a poo. Alright, okay.


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Still an update... I's good what you are still workin' on it :3
Hooray! Good update :) I'm glad that you're able to move on to chapter II

oh and thank you for shifting all the graphical blame to me!
Thanks you two. =)

I’ve done a fair amount of chapter two in total, it’s just that now I really have no choice BUT to work on chapter two instead of finding all these odd jobs to do; because there aren’t any! Although I could always work on chapter three’s dungeon, but it’s a sewer so I don’t feel like doing that right now.

Oops, just revealed that one of the dungeons in the game is a sewer. Oh well, what’s the worst that could possibly happen?


Chrono Trigger has a great sewer dungeon... so do not worry, with your exploration goodies it can be fun )
RMN sex symbol
This game is still deserving more attention. Though I have to admit I found it hard to play difficulty wise and don't think I ever got an areas entire chest count. Is the demo up still the same?
This game is still deserving more attention. Though I have to admit I found it hard to play difficulty wise and don't think I ever got an areas entire chest count. Is the demo up still the same?

Oh god really? Don’t say that haha, I just increased the difficulty, a couple of people here said they got through the demo without using items. I changed the skills a bit though, so you’ve actually got a really helpful skill now that can one shot the water enemies, plus EXP has been increased by a decent amount. You don’t ever have to get all the chests, it’s there if you want, kinda like a sidequest. Not gonna lie though it does help to search for them, that’s why I don‘t have random encounters. I might write a tip page because if you knew how my brain worked you’d be able to find everything so easily!

But yeah it’s still the same one. I thought about updating the main download, because everything that’s there is enhanced, but there’s no actual new content or playtime on the chapter, so it’s in no way fair to throw myself onto the front page and get undeserved attention, basically. Thanks for you support though mate, I really do appreciate it.
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