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RMN Catalogue

  • Liberty
  • 06/29/2016 09:28 AM
The RMN Catalogue

An ambitious project that involves recording the first 10 minutes of every game on the site. Videos will include a short description, link to the game and details.


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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
This is an amazing idea! :3 When will the printed version be out
You're magical to me.
This certainly is ambitious! Wow!

The latest stat report from kentona says there's 2760 games with a download. If I used the calculator correctly, that's 460 hours of work to pull this off, not including the time taken to download the games, and edit and upload all the videos.

Still, this is a super cool idea and you deserve major kudos for it :DDDDDDDD
Wow, jumped right into Cowboys from Hell. This game seems to come from that rmn period of infatuation with post apocalyptic/cyberpunk games with lots of 90s metal. I'm surprised I missed this one; might have to check it out.
Jeez, I'd have to update P3 with a lot more improved dialogue for it to be part of the catalouge. XD
AH, just a point, this is backlog that I forgot to upload about, oh, two or three years ago. I've done about 70 videos and will be putting the ones I didn't get around to adding on the site over the next few weeks (don't want to inundate the site with so many videos so fast), but yeah, it's stuff that's already been done.

That said, I'll probably redo a few that I know have new downloads added like Ara Fell.
Hey Liberty, if you want, I can help out in the RMN Dialogue. I don't mind giving it a shot to play the 1st 10 minutes of every game here :p (may or may not succeed, but hey, at least I've tried :))
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