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An innovative RM experience!

  • Grimlock
  • 01/26/2009 07:42 AM
Story 4/5
While the story and characters were obviously well-made and brewed up, the game suffered from severe Engrish, but don't let that stop you! This is the first game I have played in where the terrible Engrish is not near bad enough to destroy the quality of this game. A post-apocalyptic world that deals with human mutation, powerful military forces, heretics, and ancient artifacts that hold the key to human survival, oh my! Stir in the personal dramas that each character brings into the story and BAM, you have a lovely science fictional piece that is worth every second of your time.

Graphics 5/5
The custom edits, the animations, the map designs, practically everything that had to do with the visual aspects of this game were fantastic!
From what I have noticed, author eNSO loves to use special effects to draw the player deeper and deeper into the game, examples ranging from word bubbles, to character poses, and fluid battle animations for his fast-paced, yet tactical-based RPG battles. Mission accomplished!

Sound 3/5
The entire soundtrack was made of medium quality MP3 files so needless to say, it did indeed bulk up the game folder, but it is not to say the author did a bad job in his selections. I may be the biggest anti-Pantera fan, but I have to say that using "Cowboys from Hell" during a car chase scene/shoot 'em up minigame was pretty freakin' sweet. The sound effects is one of the highest points in the game because I think this is the first RM game I've played in where the gun blasts actually sound REAL. The reason I give this section a '3' though is because when it comes down to the actual music that was used or selected throughout the game was a bit too background-ish, so other than the popular music chosen to highlight certain scenes in the game, the rest of the soundtrack fell short of nothing but mere filler.

Gameplay 5/5
This is the strongest point of the game! The author utilizes these basic systems in a way that makes you go, “Now why didn’t I think of that?!” by taking features like the built-in battle system, stripping it of the typical things that make the element what it is and changing it in such a way that makes me laugh at all the shoddy attempts countless people have tried to do with Custom Battle Systems. In a sense, he uses everything the engine offers him in order to erase what is already programmed, in turn making a unique gaming experience for everyone. It’s genius!

Overall 4.5/5
Really, this is one of the most unique, refreshing, and hell, completed RM games out there. It’s a short game, but it sure packs quite a punch! Fantastic work, eNSO, I will be looking for any further projects you release.