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Sequel to the Rpgmaker2003 epic, Legacies of Dondoran.

Takes place 20 years later. Same world, mostly the same geo-political circumstances, totally new plot, only marginally related to the plot of LoD1.

The game's protagonist is Alec Tyranos, son of the hero of LoD1, Garm Tyranos. Humanity, united in its effort to create the new "Magi Army," comprised of magically gifted folk, and deploying its invincible airship fleet, stands astride the world with undisputed dominance.

Alec Tyranos, a regular army officer, finds himself amidst a massive political upheaval that threatens to shatter the continuity of the expansive Dondoran Republic.

Projected Play time: ~30 hours

Current Features:
-Fully functional, fast, user-friendly CMS

-All character progression determined by the highly interactive (and now, way way more user-friendly picture-based) skill tree

-"Battle2" (large animation) Battlechars. Which means, I don't use the standard 3-frame crap. The battlechars will rock, in other words.

-Skill points act as experience, seperate from level experience. SPs can be acquired via quests or tomes of skill. Sp gain is directly related to party level versus enemy party level.

-Mostly random encounters, but few in number, and longer, more complex fights. The HP level (in relation to damage output) of players and enemies is high, which raises the importance of buffs, debuffs, and specific tactics.

-STR, DEF, and INT stats are dramatically more important than default rm2k3. AGI, which is a broken stat, is mostly homoginized, and changes only with specific skills and gear.


Put on Hiatus indefinitely due to the production of Legacies of Dondoran VX.


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It's like toothpicks against a tank
It means the amount of time It's being held off is indefinite, not infinite. Don't worry, LoDVX will not disappoint!
Don't try to change the subject with your big words. I still want this game even if you port it to a different maker.
Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
I think he ended up finishing/remaking this as a commercial VX game.
I think he ended up finishing/remaking this as a commercial VX game.
Thank you for Enlightening me on the situation Solitayre.
If this turns into a VX game i've lost faith in you...
WHY DID YOU GO DS2? LoD IS TWICE THE GAME DS WILL AND EVER WILL BE! Does this mean anything to you? http://rpgmaker.net/games/310/images/911/
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
Who is DS2?
It's like toothpicks against a tank
While I share your nostalgia for LoD2, and I will admit that DS1 took a dip in quality from where LoD2 might have been headed, Deadly Sin 2 basically inherited everything from what I had done in LoD2 and modernized the hell out of it with totally custom scripts done by Mithran. LoD2 was probably pretty promising for an rm2k3 game, but DS2 beats it for sure.

In fact Deadly Sin 2 was so similar to LoD2 that I think I'll make a blog post about the progression of LoD->DS just to clarify things. I don't really expect to get much love due to the fact that DS2 is an indie commercial game, but that's not really the point. It's an ambitious, completed RPGmakerVX project, after all, and people seem to think there are so few completed VX games out there.
omg wtf compells you for a VX game. They All look the same while LOD looks very unique compared to DS2. Look at Vacant sky and Lost Legacy they look better and play better than any VX game and they are on rpgmaker2k3 & XP. I mean this is BS and you have to pay for DS2 VX game. i could just download one VX game if i wanted to play. Now i admit i like DS2's Battle System just from looking at it but thats not whats gonna get me to buy a VX game if i can get most of the VX games for free. From what i saw of the trailer for DS2 the story is nowhere as compelling as LOD's story was. i dont get why LOD2 is on hiatus if your never going to complete it in the first place. Just say its cancelled cause all of us know that it will eventually come to that. Basically you sold out or bought in whatever helps you sleep at night.
My mind is full of fuck.
Sucks it was cancelled, but looking to play it.
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