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This blog post has nothing to do with this game

I'm just a filthy GAME PUSHER is what I am, because PentagonBuddy and I are making a game for the IGMC this year! Click on the logo to go check it out~

there are less pixel dicks in that game than in Origin and for that I say I am sorry. either way that's what I'm currently busy working on and why there continues to be no news on this front

*emmych blatantly ignores fact that they have only been working on free spirits since July 7th and continues hoping you buy into their lies*

well alright if we want origin stuff, check out what penta drew for me when we hung out in june

DOES IT SATISFY YOU because it sure satisfies me with how unbearably in character and canon it is

Progress Report

I guess I've done some stuff!

I've been having a lot of ~Alvaro Character Feelings~ lately (aka the kind that make me sit around drawing him and staring with a tear in my eye going all "this motherfucker"), so music for the day is a song that makes me think of him. >w>

Anyways, I have, indeed, done some stuff! Today I finished mapping the first town you head to (Julia's hometown, Isin), so I have a coupla shots of that for ya.

What a great hometown, Julia. IT'D SURE BE A SHAME IF SOMETHING HAPPENED TO IT...


the path to the D is fraught with complications

I'm really happy with the end result! It ended up being very cozy and intimate, which is just what I was hoping for. nwn I mean, I also got to stash treasure away and stuff, soooo...

YOU MUST LOOK IN ALL PLACES FOR TREASURES this is one of ~those~ types of games

And, in case you couldn't tell, I started on character poses! IT'S A LOT OF FINNICKY WORK but dang does it add a lot of style to a game. OTL I finished most of Julia's basic emotes (aka I have 1 full sheet of them), so she's basically done until I find I need a pose for something later on. OTL
Hahahaha only 5-7 more full sheets of poses to go, and then the important NPCs emotes. IB

Finally, the last thing I did lately is start on Julia's character portrait thing!
Here she iiiiiis~

I'm still futzing around with colours and stuff, but eeeehhhhhh. EEEHHHHHHHHHHH. I'll get to that when I feel like figuring out how to paint again *cries a lot*

Anyways, there ya go! A little progress update~


(thank you all I'm so happy ;w;)


Oh My God, We're Back Again

AH AH AH AH~ I bet you thought this was vapourware, didn't you? WELL... WELL IT SORT OF STILL IS but that's not the point. As you can see I've nuked most of the old page and I'm starting fresh! Let's talk a little bit about what this blog post means.

The current status of this, the game that is Origin
In production! But in deep cover production, since... well, keeping up updates stresses me out. I'll probably do the tumblr thing, though, so I can give mini-updates and keep in touch with people! Mostly I don't want to generate the hype machine too much, since there is still a lot to do before this is approaching something releasable and I know how I work (in VERY INTENSE BURSTS followed by lulls lasting up to a week to multiple months).

There was a period of about 1.5 years where I didn't touch this (break-ups are hard, man OTL), but I started working on this again in earnest at the beginning of the summer! Since then I've gotten a lot of work done, but, like... well, most of it is stuff I can't really show off! To summarize:
  • Acts I and II are fully written.

  • Act I has a final draft. Act II is currently undergoing revisions.

  • Act III events are laid out, as well as all sidequests. The dialogue has not been written for these, however.

  • A heaping fuck truck of database stuff, and good LORD did that ever involve a lot of spreadsheets. IB I have all the status effects listed out, most of the main party's skills laid out (barring a coupla gaps to be filled towards endgame), battle plans for most of the bosses, and at least a complete weapon list. I still hafta revise the armour list and review the item list, but chances are they are basically done, too.

  • Getting a start on battle sprites! It's all gonna be sideview and using the YF FTB thing, so WOO~ It's fun, I promise. >w>

So as you can see, a lot of stuff! But, again, not really things to show off (unless you're a nerd who likes looking at spreadsheets LIKE I AM... OTL).

Major changes since you've last seen this thing
There are only a handful, but they're pretty substantial!

It's in Ace. This should be obvious given that I have changed the engine thing to Ace. >__> This comes with all the things you'd expect: new approach to battles, new maps, w/e.
Julia is now the main character. Move over, Alvaro, we have a COOL LADY as the main character. The plot ended up being about her, anyway, so w/e it's rad. We still get Alvaro stuff, but his plot is defs subplot, where it was always meant to be.
The addition of Jada and other minor cast reshuffling/alterations. I expect literally no one to remember the character that proceeded Jada, but yeah he got replaced and now we have Jada instead and Life Is Good. Bury the old character in my closet, move along, nothing to see here. *sweats nervously*
Those graphics~ I'd actually started this while it was still in vanilla VX, but I never got around to posting screens! I'm using a taller sprite style AND IT JUST LOOKS GREAT.
An overall tonal shift. This game is going to be funny. There will be some emotional moments, but for the most part this will be a whimsical, lighthearted, colorful game. It is extremely non-lethal: even the scrubs you fight in random-encounters won't die. If you like something dark and gritty, this is not the game for you.

What to expect from here on in
Not much, tbh. I'll be around, I'll chat with y'all if you have questions about the game (since it's really well formulated in my head, I just... I just gotta do the nitty-gritty work and make it), but for the most part this is going to be a quiet development process. I do not work consistently enough to keep an active page going, so ALAS that won't be part of this! I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE but not really because this is for the best, trust me. OTL

For those interested, I also do other things with my time! You can follow my art blog on tumblr for both Origin related art and others, and pretty soon I'll likely have a blog around for a story I'm writing?? LIKE WOAH I am legit writing a novel and I'm pretty sure I can do it, which is wild to me. I also have a regular tumblr, but, like... look I post a lot of social justice shit and skeleton memes on there, you don't really need to follow me if that's not your bag. OTL

If you want to help out with things like resource creation (really, that is the main thing I need assistance with), hit me up! Especially if you create Godly Pixel Tiles. I would love to wrangle you into helping me. >__>

As for the rest of you, hey, welcome back! I'm around. This is alive and I'm slowly whipping it into shape. See you in 5 years.
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