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This blog post has nothing to do with this game

  • emmych
  • 07/22/2015 06:47 AM
I'm just a filthy GAME PUSHER is what I am, because PentagonBuddy and I are making a game for the IGMC this year! Click on the logo to go check it out~

there are less pixel dicks in that game than in Origin and for that I say I am sorry. either way that's what I'm currently busy working on and why there continues to be no news on this front

*emmych blatantly ignores fact that they have only been working on free spirits since July 7th and continues hoping you buy into their lies*

well alright if we want origin stuff, check out what penta drew for me when we hung out in june

DOES IT SATISFY YOU because it sure satisfies me with how unbearably in character and canon it is


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Touching her butt! It's touching her butt!!!! Ouwaha! *x*!
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