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This one is the updated, redo of Alex Vs. Garlyle Short.

You can see a video on the older version,

Note: This version is a more up to date version, and some things have changed from this video. New sprites are used for the character set, and animations and sounds have been touched up.

Take a look at the screenies for a more up to date look on the project.

Quick Plot Sum:
Alex, our infamous RPG Hero, is born from the stars.
The scenario takes place as he climbs Destiny's Peak, to complete the warrior's test of Valor to become a hero.

The test itself is a duel against another warrior, to compete in strength, wits, and courage. This is the first Unleashing of Alex's true potential.


You will need Rpg Maker 2003 installed before playing this game.
It is not a stand alone project, and still in progress.

You might encounter bugs, and map errors, also RTP might be required.

You will need to install the custom Font file included in the DL named: "NFRan.fon"
Into your Fonts folder in the window's directory for you to enjoy the original font as seen in the Screen Shots.

Other wise, this is a project that will become a short game in the future,
And this here will be the first Installment.

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Totally calling the first post!

I always knew Alex was badass.
Thanks. I'll put out a DL as soon as I can.
It won't be bug, free, but it should be very stable. =D
Resident Terrapin
Interesting use of the battle system, it's kind of fresh and unique. Though I feel tying it to Alex and RTP is limiting its appeal
Another DBS veteran. Not to mention a nice sprite artist. You are welcome here, ranmaster. Good to see you again!
Oh man, I remember watching that video ages ago. Love the battle animations.
Interesting use of the battle system, it's kind of fresh and unique. Though I feel tying it to Alex and RTP is limiting its appeal

True, but this is a side project I really need to get out of my way before scratching into a real serious project.

Kinda like building up a portfolio. You gotta make "something", in order to build off of that "something".
:0 Oh man it's here XD
I was just asking about this over on RRR, wasn't I? ^^

Anyways it'd be really cool if you took the time to take an updated video, if you deem the changes extreme enough ^^
Nice, use of dbs. I was going to try something like this once for my battle system, but it had more than 1 person in the party. Downloading now, hope it's every bit as good as it looks.
@McBick: Thanks man, tell me what you guys think of it when your done. =D

Feedback is my inspiration.
I remember this. Glad to see it over here!
Well I gave it a shot. Pretty nifty stuff! Dunno if you plan on building on this, but I'll just rant anyways.

Sometimes when I try to activate a limit break, it drains my limit bar without Alex doing anything. This happens with my game too, so I guess it's just a 2k3 bug.

What would be pretty cool is if those Parries and Dodges weren't arbitrary, as in allow the player to equip/level up to increase the chances of it happening/decrease chances of enemy getting it. In that way, you could have players build Alex towards different builds, dodging and counter-attack orientated, versus pure attacker or whatnot.

Speaking of which, limit breaks were very cool, but I'm not too fond of them using MP which can also be drained by spells (though I do understand limitations of 2k3 required you to have them have some cost). Also found that the 3-hit one tended to do more dmg than the 1-hit one. Maybe you can find some way to differentiate them better? Have one cause status ailments?

I'm thinking it might be cooler for your game if all battles were one-on-one battles, which would also free up limit breaks from using MP (as well as make it much easier on you).

Also on that note, I feel like spells costed too much MP to really allow for a magic-build Alex.

Running tends to be kinda wonky, like Alex would randomly stop and start running again despite holding down the X key.

Using + to access the menu is kinda wonky too. Why not Left Shift, which is closer to Z and X?

Guess that's about it. Other than that, it was pretty rad stuff!
Parry and Guard system:
It's pretty much based off the AGI stat, that's why I didn't allow to have a AGI build, since it'll imbalance the battle system. In this game, Defend command is the second most useful command, it doubles AGI, and increased guard/parry rate. It also heals 10% of your maximum MP, if you run low on it.

The limit break issue:
I think it's something to due with the DBS and enemy action interfering, if you use an skill that activates as a switch, and an enemy uses a skill right after you use the skill, it get's interrupted, and therefore it get's used.

Planning on balancing out Limit Breaks soon too. =D Flashing Fang will add status ailments, and ignore defense.

1vs1 Battles.
I was kinda of thinking of that too, since it would be easier on event triggering, but we'll see what happens, since I'm not sure people will follow this game, if only they got to play alex.

At first I thought it was just my key board, I guess now I might have to change it to the On and Off running type system. Since I think it might be a Rm2k3 issue with parrallel processes and how it tends to not process every tick.

As for using the +, it is kinda of wonky, but I've gotten used to it. We'll see if + becomes an issue later on.

Thank you very much for the feed back though Neok, This gives a me a good direction to aim towards.
If anything, I think it's the rtp graphics that'll hold your game back. It's pretty difficult to sell a game based on rtp screenshots. Keeping Alex is cool, but unless you're making a point of using mainly rtp, it'll be worthwhile to use other graphics for scenery. I threw up a huge pile of uncompiled rips and resources a while back, so if you're interested: http://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/8106/

Another thing to remember is that the DBS sloooooooooows down drastically when you start adding more characters/enemies. Personally, I think it'd be okay if you only had Alex playable. I can't imagine it's easy doing all those sprite animations for enemies, so you probably don't want to overload yourself and be unable to finish this right? Just give Alex lots of customization options, and it should be okay. Well anyways, it's up to you how much work you want to make for yourself.

Also with running: I've found that most people will want to run by default. Is there any point to walking, other than say, atmospheric purposes? Like, does walking limit random encounters or whatnot? If not, might be worthwhile to think of something. For example, Leo & Leah had it so that when you ran, the enemies would actively seek you out. But if you walked, they'll just go about their normal business. It was pretty cool, in that you could lure monsters away from where you had to go, and could make for interesting timed sequences (like escape from a fortress about to explode, with monsters littered on the escape route) or even puzzles (lure small monsters to big one. Big one eats small one. Path clear.)

I threw this together some years back. It operates on a similar concept to your game (Customized dbs, one-on-one battles, limit breaks, one dude kicking ass)
If you want, I can help you out with this once in a while (if you'll have me, of course).
Yeah, mapping is the biggest issue for me.
I find it very hard to find inspiration in map creation or even spriting custom map tiles.

Even though people do love beautiful maps, which I can understand that, but the concept of mapping is crazy hard for me to find inspiration to even emphasize much on it.
I'll give it a shot though.

I might go FF6 map tiles, if not maybe Rudra, and if nothing good, I might even go Lufia II. Since that's be the mapping style I'm trying to create in my main project.
But, I'm not gonna lie, it's hard to find consistent map tiles these days.
I think this game will show Alex's true potential!! Looking forward to completion!
In my opinion, Alex kinda reminds me of Son Goku from DBZ.
He's a fully determined boy, fully determined to become a true hero.

Great game, Ran! You really showed his true potential!
i can't seem to make the game working normally although i have installed the rtp from rpg maker's website. i got an error "the file vehicle cannot be opened" when i start the game and when i fix it by renaming the vehicles file in rtp location to vehicle and moving it to the game location, the game crashes again when i tried to use skill in battle. it says that "file explode2 can not be found" or something.

i can't also seem to open the menu. i already pressed + button and it doesn't do anything. is it because i use laptop?
RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
You're probably not working on this anymore and won't even read this, but I want to share my thoughts.

I found out about Alex Unleashed through a recommended youtube video (an actual good recommendation! What are the odds, huh?!).

Playing this 10 years too late. I know.

Anyway! It was a fun little battle demo, but not without problems.

The battle animations are simply phenomenal! The way the characters flow in battle is really striking.

The way you coded the events to create a different battle system was truly ingenious! How you managed to make Alex disappear and reappear to strike his enemies down was really clever!

The custom sprites look really good!

A lot of attention was put into the presentation of this demo, which is why I found it weird when the background music didn't loop properly and broke the immersion.

The maps make good use of the RTP but are too large/spacious and empty. Smaller maps or maps making better use of space would have looked better.
This was (and is) a pretty common issue for devs (i.e.: Blue Dragon by Mistwalker suffers from this).

I also ran into some bugs, which is expected when using RPG Maker in a way that it wasn't intended, but still annoying. The Limit Breaks would randomly stop working and Alex couldn't run properly, only running in small bursts or not at all.

Everything is too slow. The dialogue, the movement, the way I have to wait for the girl to heal me, even the flow of battle is too slow (even if it looks great). There should be a better balance between looking good and speed.

Using some skills, I am unable to see if they made any damage to the enemy, the numbers were obscured by the battle animation and sometimes I don't think they even showed up.

The evasion/parry rates are too high. In 10 attacks I'll hit the enemy 3 or 4 times.

Magic was useless, costs too much MP and hits for not enough damage. Once I figured that out I simply mashed Attack, healing when necessary, until I got the Limit Break which is the only thing that can kill enemies.

Enemies healing too frequently was annoying, but I guess you wanted the Limit Break to be the way to go here, so I get it.

I'm glad I tried this out, it really showcases what you can do in RPG Maker 2003 if you think outside of the box! Despite my complaints, it was a great little demo! Hope you're still a creative person to this day!
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