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Royale is an RPG that mainly serves as an excuse for me to test out various gameplay ideas, some of which are familiar, and unify them into to a cohesive experience. And the story...well, let's just say there's going to be some Zoroastrianism and Arab folklore inspiration involved in the overall lore somehow.

Planned Features

*Talent Point mechanic which serves as both a bonus modifier to actions and talent acquisition.
*In the vein of certain WRPGs, potency of passive talents is influenced by character stats.

Latest Blog

About the plot

Well, I apologize for not having a demo or any new screencaps for you. It's just that I've been plotting out the basic mechanics for a while that I've yet to even dabble in the plot/setting. While the main page of this project will give vague hints on what it might involve, I'll probably need to spend more time planning it out instead of improvising the whole thing and hoping for the best.
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well, this seems interesting. i can't say no to arab folklore rpgs.
How's non-inventory progress coming along?
It's fine, I just started doing the other menus. And I'm doing some scope weeding as well.
Another thing mellytan, while there are some elements of Arabian mythos and Zoroasterianism, I'm also sticking with some standard Euro-type stuff as well. I'm gonna have to be exceptionally careful with the various plot/setting ingredients, as well as the mechanical stuff mentioned in the blogs.
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