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Whilst the conflict with the two brave heroes, Malcolm and Crystal, and the tyrannical Sabre was silently raging on, little did anyone know that another force was preparing for war--an evil force that worked in congruency with Sabre. Once the Tower of Darkness fell and news of their ally's defeat had reached them, this army of power-hungry warriors gathered up a large quantity of Power Gems to assist in their onslaught of the land, and thanks to the gems ability to empower the one who holds them, they easily mowed down all resistance. All seemed lost when their commander, Cain Darkskull, established a foothold at the Eastern Citadel--the former location of the governmental power of the region--and renamed it Darkskull Citadel.

However, there is one small glimmer of hope--a tiny glint in the darkness. Stories passed on by travelers, scavengers, and denizens of the country tell of 7 omnipotent Power Gems that exist across the land. Each of these 7 gems were extremely potent and could cause extraordinary events to transpire. These stories are more than just tall tales, though--these all-powerful gems, known as the Omega Gems, do in fact exist.

It may be a small chance at overthrowing this evil force, but someone must step up. Someone must walk the path of justice and gather all 7 of the Omega Gems, for only one who wields them all will have a chance at freeing the land from oppression.
"Path of Justice 2" is a top-down, classic arcade style action game similar to Pac-Man, where the player must collect a certain number of items called "Power Gems" to complete a stage. Unlike the first game, this one adds the ability to attack and defend yourself from the menacing--and sometimes difficult--enemies that lurch throughout each stage.

Something else that I would like to mention is that "Path of Justice 2" will be MUCH more easy than the previous game, not only due to the fact that you will actually be able to defend yourself, but, to start out, the enemies won't be as threatening as they were in the first Path of Justice. Does that mean the game will be a breeze to complete? Oh, heavens no. In the later levels it will be pretty difficult, not only due to the fact that the enemies will be more aggressive but due to stage hazards as well. I'm even considering having stages where enemies will be able to shoot projectiles at you (kinda like the boss of world 2 from the first game), as well as other things.

I promise there won't be phasing bats this time, though. =D

Latest Blog

Brainstorming - Items in POJ2 (also my plans for a demo)

I've created this blog with the intention of getting some fan input. I'm currently creating/deciding all of the items for the game, but I actually don't have a very large list as of right now.

That's where you guys come in! If you have any ideas for the items, go ahead and leave a comment. Remember, Path of Justice is an action game, so the items are going to work in a quick, running-around-all-over-the-place kind of environment. For example, other than healing items, think of things that may give the player a boost or hinder the enemies--maybe even environmental things. Think outside the box.

All I have so far is:

- Healing items
- A revival item that automatically activates when you die (yeah, pretty much like the fairy in a bottle from Zelda)
- A barrier item that protects the player from 2 opposing attacks, and finally...
- Two items, one that permanently increases HP, and the other MP

Whichever suggestions I like best I'll place into the "items" tab of the game page. Also, I'll put your name in the credits at the end of the game in something like a special thanks section. Thanks, ahead of time for your input, folks!

Now, onto the demo-thing. I'm pretty sure some of you are anxious to see how this game will play. My current plan is to make some mock stages where you guys will be able to see how the combat system will. I'll probably just do two or three stages, each with varying environmental hazards and enemy types. I'm not sure when this will be, but it's what I want to get done first and foremost before making anything else on the game.

Mitsu, out.


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