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A dreaded warlord who died sixty years ago rises from its grave thanks to the efforts of the necromancer Damian. It now must seek its nine artifacts, scattered across the world, to regain its power and free itself from the domination of the necromancer.

The game is an attempt to create a highly nonlinear experience while still maintaining a story-heavy focus. Each of the nine artifacts can be retrieved in any order. The scenarios surrounding each artifact evolve both as time goes on and based on your own actions elsewhere. Each of the twenty-five party members have their own distinct set of skills, personality, and personal goals. Recruiting one may cause others to despise you. Your current party members will contribute deeply to the events unfolding in front of you, and have their own unique detailed dialogue. Your actions and your words ultimately determine how the world views you; a forgotten pinnacle of justice, a sinner seeking redemption, a rogue spirit acting on its own whims, a tyrannical abomination bent on world domination, or something entirely else.

-A nonlinear, open-ended game with a focus on story and characterization.
-The world and remaining dungeons radically change based on your decisions, actions, and inactions.
-Recruit twenty-five different party members, each with their own personality and specialties.
-Unique strategy-oriented Battle System (that STILL isn't quite 100% finished yet.)
-Determined Encounter system allows you to steadily progress through a region and lessen its monsters.
-Day/Night system with dynamic NPCs that have their own routines.
-Everything culminates; even sidequests have an effect on the world, though you may not immediately see it.
-Essentially everything (sans some music) is custom and was personally made from the ground up.

Latest Blog

A Minor Spell/Skill Update

Having gone like half a year without any deep need to mess around in the coding of spells, so I decided to add 23 new ones. In addition, many party members had their entire movelist expanded slightly and reorganized to better fit their new additions; I say slight, but the way things work internally, it still took weeks of pushing numbers around. Most people only got one or two new spells, but several of those that previously had very few (Rem/Kazumi/Jess) got three or four, making magical builds more viable for them. Lastly, some of those 23 new spells/skills are new Weapon Skills, finally removing those instances of some skills (Cleave, Sweeping Slash, Armour Shred) being tripled up. No Weapon Skill appears more than twice now.

Thought the spells might be interesting on their own, so I'll list a few. Some additions are simple or boringly practical, like Fire/Pierce versions of Ice Slide (Fire Dive/Joust), so I'll skip them.

Terra Smasher - Direct; Weaponize your Terra Shield Enhancement and shatter it on a foe. First, Terra Shield is an Enhancement that's been around since the start, reducing physical damage taken by 10% per potency of it. This takes that Enhancement, and turns it into a huge number and crushes the foe with it, being more powerful the more potency the Terra Shield was. Terra Shield's existence makes it a bit more interesting, as it serves both defensive and offensive purposes.

Refraction - Beam; Only hits last target. Damage increases for each Enhancement passed through. This based on a bug Ice Slide once had. Ice Slide moves you across the field in a line, harming those in the way, but stops flat against any Rooted targets (those that can't be moved). Instead, it copied that Rooted Ailment onto everybody hit after them, including the slider. It's a very different take on that, but that was the inspiration. If the guys in the middle of the field are full of Enhancements (like the earlier mentioned Terra Shield or the next-turn magic-boost Meditation), the sap in the back is gonna get ROCKED.

Weapon Dispersal - Direct; Remove Elemental Weapon from an ally, and unleash it as a Magical Field spell. Element Weapon spells have been around from the start, but I've never personally used them much. In addition to this skill, Elemental Weapon spells now also increase one's resistance to that element, so casting Fire Weapon on yourself when facing a bunch of fire dudes has merit defensively, as it only affects basic attacks, so basic skills like Cleave or Sweeping Slash retain their normal (Slash) damage typing. Anyway, it's something of another setup spell that lets its user deal quite an array of elemental damages, depending on your party lineup.

Unity - Rally; Give all allies Unity Enhancement. If any still have it in 8 turns, the caster gets a massive Charge boost (currently testing at +500; or 5 consecutive turns, basically). Unity Enhancement lost if they target takes any damage. It might sound really overpowered, but the two characters with potential access to this, Kazumi and Jess, are both suuuper slow and defense-oriented. So it fits with their goals; go slow and keep everyone else safe, then absolutely blitz out and dunk that last target when the fight's almost done.

Vacuum Wave / Clear Thrust - Two different spells/skills, that both function similarly; ruin the lives of Evasive targets. Vacuum Wave hurts more against fast/evasive guys, Clear Thrust merely debuffs their evasion massively. They might sound overpowered, but the number of highly evasive foes is rather low, and breakaway evaders are tremendously annoying to deal with, so this provides a few rare opportunities to swiftly handle them.

Sliding Slicer - There's skills that attack and move forwards, attack and move ALL the way forwards, attack then move backwards, and teleport randomly, but I've added one more move+attack style to the mix. Sliding Slicer is a simple attack, followed by immediately shifting places vertically. Perhaps not the most remarkable, but being attached to the claw/katar/fist weaponset allows someone like Chizuru to literally never stop attacking and moving, MP permitting; something an incredibly deadly but frail assassin like her needs.

Rapture - Possibly the logical limit of punishing a player who commits exclusively to one stat or build. Rapture inflicts powerful Bind or Silence on everyone on the field (including the caster), depending on their Attack/Magic ratio, picking which would be more problematic for them; if they're mostly balanced between the two, it just chooses randomly. If you've got some good spells but are mostly a fighter, or vice versa, you can take advantage of others floundering and really push ahead. Don't, and, well, you'll be the one floundering.

That should be enough for now. Anyway, I'm probably looking at putting 0.9.2 out in late July or so. Work on these spells is largely done, and I've finished up the absolute nightmare that was expanding the party members' movelists, but I'm tentatively also looking at giving enemies an AI boost to better use some spells, as more and more of them require specific needs to be effective. I'm not sure how much optimization to do, as you can't know an enemy has a skill until you see them throw it out, and if they're a bit too efficient, it can feel like they're cheating. We'll see; I'm kind of still reeling from the last code-dive, but now would be the ideal time to do such an addition.


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Oh hey it's Acradaunt :D Nice to see you here too~
Nice to see some people workin wit toolkit! looks nice keep up the good work!
This game looks pretty cool. *subscribed*
Conquest is made from the ashes of one's enemies.
See, there is a reason we added RPG Toolkit as a supported maker. Good to have you here. I'm not as familiar with the new versions of RPG Toolkit but I've toyed around with the older versions dating back to its second release.
I remember trying RPG Toolkit back around 2003~2004 or so? I didn't really like it, but that was a little less than a decade ago.
Perhaps so, but I still don't really feel like I belong here. Maybe the feeling will pass with enough time.

As for the Toolkit itself, it's pretty much been in decline ever since the jump to TK3. Though, to be honest, not that much ever changed. Regardless, ever since then, most people have been in the habit of simply putting off doing any work until the next update. There's also the fact that the default menu and battle system went from bad to completely unusable, meaning everyone has to do a lot of hard programming. Furthermore, rips are abhorred, so every project pretty much is built from the ground up. That's probably a good thing in its own way, but makes it horribly unfriendly to new users. It's currently at 3.1, developed by Colin Fitzpatrick (of ShoddyBattle fame) and Delano, both who pretty much left wholesale after completing it. That was about 2007. Since then, it's stayed there until recently, as a single member is trying to completely redesign the thing, making it incompatible with previous versions. It's not finished yet, but I can feel it's going to create a schism, which, again, is largely my reason for moving here ahead of time.

The entirety of the Toolkit sees maybe one or two releases a year, with maybe a couple of demos on the side. Most of which aren't RPGs at all, but cute little puzzle games or platformers made using the engine. Most of which are made by the same person (Grindalf). So it's not exactly bustling. There's still a community of sorts around, but very few actually use the Toolkit in any way.

As for why I use it, well, I suppose it's largely due to finding it first and getting entrenched in it. At some point in time, it was certainly more flexible than RPGMaker, but I doubt that's entirely true nowadays. I've wondered a number of times if I shouldn't find a program that actually has a future ahead of itself, but it'd be too much of a pain to change now.
Well, worry less about the maker behind the game and focus on creation of the game itself. If your game is good enough, it might inadvertently create more interest in the maker or propel the developers to improve further.
Besides. I want to play an interesting looking game. Not try an RPGToolkit demo.
FYI, it looks like I don't need the RPGToolkit to play it.

I'm getting a glitch at the camp though :(. I'm in the main outdoor area and the only place I can go is inside the weapon shop (can't seem to buy anything). Every time I try to go somewhere else, I get "RPGCode Error Line 0 : Syntax Error". Maybe the error is telling me I do need the Toolkit.

Beside that, I'm really digging the atmosphere :D
I've heard of this problem before. It usually happens if the install folder is too deeply nested or something. If the full filename for a program is too long (I THINK 128 characters), it'll just cut it off midway and end up doing nothing. Try moving the whole folder up a few levels. That should fix the problem.

The one other tester I've heard from said something about the rat in the very first encounter being utterly unkillable (more precisely, saying it was taking damage, but never actually dying, and was apparently unable to see its health at the top) but not on subsequent battles or attempts to re-create the issue. I think it might be some kind of cache-related oversight of mine. Did you experience something like that?

Yeah, I've never gotten around to designing the inventory, so there's no shop system, either. There's probably other obvious things missing that I should have mentioned, but after nearly two years of them not being finished, you tend to forget about it. >_>

One thing I may have forgotten to mention is that the Toolkit is known to HATE operating systems that aren't XP. How exactly this tends to factor in, I don't know. But just a fair warning. Apparently, running as administrator in compatibility mode helps.
someone in high command is a big fan
I always like that games that have a unique visual style.
I always like that games that have a unique visual style.

and lots of effort put into it...alone 'u')//
Speaking of that, my former musician told me I can go fuck myself and that whatever I release isn't even worth opening. But it's not like he hasn't been relentlessly criticizing everything I do since, like, forever. I still for the life of me don't know why he even did any music at all, let alone four of them. ...Probably as a way to show off.

So, um, if anyone is volunteering to do music for me (and I guess sound effects), I'd be greatly thankful. I don't expect for a single second to get anyone, but figure I may as well ask while I'm on about it.

EDIT: I should probably also mention that I'm working on fixing some of the more glaring holes that are around in this version, as well as a few additions (mostly making the battle system not so completely bland). I admittedly put it up a bit earlier than I'm comfortable with. In part because someone asked to see it now (and then changed their minds and said they didn't care anymore), in part because I was too sick of bug testing myself, and lastly because I figured it would slip by unnoticed. Now that I'm on the frontpage again, I'm a bit flustered by these issues, and am working on it as quickly as I can. It'll probably be another week or two before I put some kind of patch up, though; hopefully, I'll have some feedback by then to considering tweaking for.
Your musician sounds like a nice guy.
What's his alias? Just so I can ignore him in the future when I'm talent scouting...
Okay, so, apparently, on RMN, I've gotten over 150 downloads in the past two or so days. Yet, when I check the file itself on MediaFire, I can see that it's still floating around 60 actual downloads (about a dozen of which I know didn't originate from here). Who's lame idea of a joke is this?
<_<well it reall y wasnt me you were right though its something t totally woudl do ~_~ <#

also get on irc sometime we(i) misd you
Resident Nonexistence
Okay, so, apparently, on RMN, I've gotten over 150 downloads in the past two or so days. Yet, when I check the file itself on MediaFire, I can see that it's still floating around 60 actual downloads (about a dozen of which I know didn't originate from here). Who's lame idea of a joke is this?

I think it means that 150 people clicked the download button on the game page. I assume this happens with any download that's hosted off-site

Speaking of that, my former musician told me I can go fuck myself and that whatever I release isn't even worth opening. But it's not like he hasn't been relentlessly criticizing everything I do since, like, forever

He can say that to the 10k page views
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