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Mechanics: Ailments and Enhancements

  • Acra
  • 10/11/2018 04:54 AM

Here are ALL the Ailments and Enhancements (basically positive Ailments) in Draug’s Resurrection, as sorted by their priority. In the very rare instance three are in play and a fourth arrives, the lowest priority is removed. Stat buffs and debuffs are not considered as these; they’re a little weak, but they remain for the entire duration of the battle.

One vital thing to note is that that box on the right of the icon is space for the Ailment/Enhancement’s potency and/or duration. A Toxic of 5 will inflict 5 damage every turn, and a 9 Toxic will inflict 9 every turn. For many spells, it’s also how long before it wears off, ie. in 4 turns a Jewel Barrier will run out. Some stay, some fade only when hit, most fade over time, but I thought detailing all that and all the Potency nuances in this post would make it too messy. So it’s just their name and a basic description. Which sometimes references those traits.

Some icons I’m not 100% on, but they’re good enough for now. Some of these may not make complete sense without the context of the foe or element that uses it. Impervious and Protected look weird because their involved spells create a different, related Enhancement for the target and the caster. They’re basically a warning that the target is immune to damage until their guardian is dealt with. I’m wondering if I shouldn’t make ALL of the backgrounds change to fit the series of Ailment/Enhancement.

Lastly, for the ‘fakeout’ series of moves (Deflect, Disarm, Counter, etc.), these will appear as Defend when the foe uses them, to not give the ruse away. That is one (of multiple) reasons why they’re so lazy. Incidentally, said fakeout ones, alongside the trap series, are the only ones that do not currently function within the game. Excluding Defend itself; it's kind of there for priority reasons alone. It works fine.

Core Ailments:
Bind = Restricts Skills based on DURATION
Silence = Restricts Spells based on DURATION
Confusion = Randomly re-targets any action that isn’t Personal, Field, or Beam/Wall, % of redirection based on DURATION
Rooted = Prevents ANY form of movement, even by other characters
Awash = Prevents the usage of items BY the afflicted while active
Toxic = Continually Drains HP by DURATION
Curse = Continually Drains MP by DURATION
Paralysis = Drains Target’s Charge every Cycle

Protector Series:
Honour Duel = Only takes and deals damage to those who also have Honour Duel
Endure = Survive attacks with 1 HP, if not ALREADY AT 1 HP
Impervious = Makes target immune until caster takes damage
Shield Sphere = Impervious allies are immune until host takes damage
Protected = A FRIENDLY with Guardian will take (most) hits for them; not Toxic, or Field spells
Guardian = Takes damage for any FRIENDLY who has Protected

Fakeout Series:
Deflect = Negate an Attack; % success lowered by Attack’s Damage.
Riposte = Negate Direct attack and counterstrike; % success lowered by Attack’s Damage.
Disarm = Negate Direct attack and give them a massive Recharge penalty; % success lowered by Attack’s Damage.
Counter = Counters Physical attacks with same element counterstrike
Retaliate = Counters Magical attacks with same element counterstrike
Negate = Completely negates the next oncoming attack, whatever it is
Defend = Increases Defense and Resistance by 25%

Barrier Series:
Terra Shield = Reduces damage from Physical attacks by 10% x DURATION
Barrier = Reduces damage from Magical attacks by 10% x DURATION
Statue Shift = Rerouts any damage taken to Charge
Reflect = Reflects any Indirect or Ranged Spells back at their source, at a strength of 10% x DURATION
Jewel Barrier = Attacker takes 5% x DURATION of the damage they deal to the Defender. Defender takes full damage.
Caustic Quills = Inflicts Toxic whenever Direct contact is made
Cyclone Shield = Reduces Charge of Direct attackers by 1.x(DURATION) the Damage they deal; Reduces Damage dealt by Non-Direct attacks by 10x(DURATION)%
Water Dome = Create a barrier of water that shields those inside from Water attacks. Slightly raises Resistance and Fire Res, too.
Frost Mail = Inflicts Bind on those who Directly attack or are Directly attacked by the Frost Mail, slightly increases Defense
Blazing Ward = Reduces accuracy of oncoming attacks by 5% x DURATION
Safeguard = Grants the target immunity to negative stat changes.
Providence = Grants the target immunity to criticals.
Wraith = Massively improves defenses against Ranged attacks
Vanish = Avoid basically all damage (not Field, though). Dissipates when Source attacks, and with a significant cooldown penalty.

Secondary Ailments:
Mire = Increases Recharge Time when a Skill or Attack is used
Rift = Increases Recharge Time when a Spell is used
Exhaust = Doubles the MP cost of all skills and abilities

Trap Tile Series:
Countdown = Does massive Fire damage to the selected tile when the counter reaches zero
Deathtrap = Does massive Pierce damage to the first foe to step on tile
Poison Snare = Does Poison damage & heavy Toxic on the first foe to step on tile
Writhing Roots = Continually inflicts Physical Grass damage on whoever ends turn on tile (except caster)
Miasma Cloud = Continually inflicts Toxic on whoever ends turn on tile (except caster)

Focus Series:
Focus Strike = Doubles next Physical Attack, but lowers Resistance until next action
Meditation = Doubles next Magical Spell, but lowers Defense until next action
Regenerate = Continually Regains HP by DURATION
Rebirth = TRIPLES weaknesses to ALL elements, but MASSIVE bonuses to HP and defense when it depletes

Fatal Series:
Undying Curse = On death, Curses the Source’s killer
Sporeburst = On death, Confuses the Source’s killer

Infection Series:
Cocoon = Gives, like, +50 Def, Res, and -60 Speed
Devil Seed = Decreases ALL Stats (Including Max HP and MP) except Accuracy every turn by 5%
Detonate = After several turn of countdown, it explodes, doing Magical Fire damage.


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