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Surface level, perhaps not a lot has changed since 0.7.0. You still travel the world, collecting Draug's nine artifacts from varying locations, each with changing scenarios surrounding them, depending on the order you do them, and one or more of said scenarios may still not be fully stable or complete.

However, a tremendous amount has changed in regards to the battle system and towns since the last public version. Some highlights include:

- A completely redone opening and expanded (optional) tutorial.
- ALL NPCs now have their own unique sprites and portraits and a massive increase in the amount of NPC dialogue.
- A colossal number of new spells have been added (roughly 250), a massive number of new monsters (about 150 or so), and over 20 new Ailments and Enhancements.
- Added in two more Types to each Weapon class, Second Weapon Skills, Learned Weapon Skills, Personal Skills, and their associated menus. Characters can now cast spells they cannot master by equipping a tome.
- Added Pendants that auto-cast Enhancements at battle's start, and the Scrying Orb items, allowing you to see enemy stats.

About the only other things I need to add are two fairly important warnings. The first is simply to run it as Administrator, otherwise it won't be allowed to properly read and write data, resulting in things becoming unstable very quickly. The second is that there's a reasonable chance it might be flagged as a virus by certain antivirus things. Technically, it fits their definitions; it's a strange entity with the capacity to change data in a potentially harmful way. Sucks that I even have to say that, but that's why it might trip an antivirus up.

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