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0.8.8 doesn't pass any decisive milestones, but adds several fairly meaty chunks to later parts of the game and a couple new features and skills. The game currently effectively 'ends' after the seventh artifact event, although you can still grab the last two artifacts. Core events simply won't progress beyond that point. Even at that, there's something around 25-30 hours of nonlinear content within.

For those looking for specific additions in this version:

+ Sapin's second scenario has been added, featuring two different interlapping routes and journeys to new and old locations, it is among the most complex scenarios in the game.

+ The last added party member can now be recruited. His requirements are a bit specific, but won't be detailed here. This also resulted in changes to two other party members' requirements, making one easier to get and the other harder.

+ Editted a late-game event to be significantly different and tie into a particular major sidequest. Said major sidequest was also added.

+ Five other minor sidequests were added, along with framework for receiving sidequests at the Mercenary Guild or at taverns.

+ Added in late-game scenario changes for Dorrum Mine.

+ Added Movement+Attack skills, such as Strikethrough, Ice Slide, and Force.

+ Significantly increased supply cost for enemies to use items. In essence, they have half the stock of healing items now.

+ Fixed a bug with late-game Determined Encounters putting 4x monsters into regular battles.

+ Fixed a bug where debuffs could result in negative numbers, actually buffing the target.

+ Fixed a bug with multi-elemental attacks (Piercing Frost, etc.) where a negative value in half the skill would influence a weaker output on the other half. These skills are now much more effective against high-Defense, low-Resistance or high-Resistance, low-Defense foes.

+ Fixed bugs involving the following spells: Absolute Zero, Hellfire, Ancient Toxin, Frost Mail, Ice Shatter, and Rasp.

+ Added additional lines when changing thing in the Options menu, clarifying what is being changed.

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