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It looks like Spells/Skills weren't working back in 2012. Here's a spell menu, also showing skills getting blocked by Bind/Silence and stuff.
  • Acra
  • Added: 06/28/2017 05:14 AM
  • Last updated: 07/20/2019 06:29 PM


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The black text on grey background can be hard to read at times. Will there be a window/text color adjusting option?
Or maybe I just need to be playing in a dark room instead of looking at a screenshot on a sunny morning x)
Well y'see, all those various greyed out texts are stuff that you can't do at the moment. See those chains in the bottom stat region? That's the Ailment Bind, preventing the Skills dulled out in red. The teal ones are thing you don't have enough MP for, and the grey ones are thing you haven't learned y--

Oh. You're complaining about the BLACK text. Well. At your behest in the past, I added multiple different Message Window backgrounds. I suppose I could link it so using a paler one changes this to be paler. Or I could just change the images themselves to be lighter all the time. It's not hard. Buuut I kinda feeling making the spell area lighter would actually maker the faded texts harder to read.

And actually, I DID change the topmost bar to be a lighter grey (same as the spell region). This is actually a somewhat dated screenshot, as Clair's skillset has changed a bit, and there aren't all the extra Weapon Skills and Personal Skills. ....so I'm not sure why I chose to upload this. I guess because I was lazy and didn't want to re-manufacture a scenario in which someone was Bound, low on MP, and didn't know stuff?
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