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Your mission: escape the Edifice without dying.
Sounds simple enough - but you have limited Energy, no healing abilities, and an entire gauntlet of enemies waiting to slaughter you. Have fun!

Edifice is a hybrid jRPG/roguelike with a lot of characters and not a lot of healing. That 2,500 HP on each of your sixteen party members? Make it last.

Bosses are no longer about creaming them, then resting up at town and buying new supplies. Dungeons are no longer about wiping out monsters with UltraFlareGiga and popping an Ether. No, you must strategize to form the best party for an area, then take down enemies as efficiently as possible. Protection is as important as a solid offense if you hope to survive.

The good news:
-Customize dungeon runs to fit your preferred difficulty
-Sixteen playable characters you can equip and upgrade as you please
-Keep making runs to start getting better loot
-Fend off powerful and giant bosses, each with some sort of nasty trick up their sleeve for you to thwart

Are you ready to face the Edifice?

Latest Blog

Edifice Players: I Need Your Thoughts

To put you in the mood:

Two questions.

1) If I started a Tumblr blog for the more menial Edifice updates, would anybody be interested? I guess it'd be silly running my RGSS3 Wordpress, personal Tumblr, game dev Tumblr, and this game profile, but I feel like posting frivolous updates on the profile and WP wouldn't be worthwhile.

2) What did you love, like, dislike and hate about the released version of Edifice? Edifice's Ace remake is a very different, but still similar, game, and is also a very serious project in terms of "I am going to make a release a polished, quality indie game." So, I need your thoughts, as harsh as possible. There were lots of good and bad things in Edifice, and I need your help sorting them out.


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Holy. Goddamn. Hell. I just beat Mesmeril. I had to basically keep him poisoned and petrified for most of the fight >_>. It was..Uh. Unpleasent. And he nearly party wiped me anyways. I was down to my last 5 or so people >.<. That- I heal all the damage you just deal to me thing, made him intensely unpleasent. So it was nice to be able to keep him locked down with petrify items- even if it minimized most damage he took (Minus poison damage, since I'm pretty sure he was still taking it).

Also, Are random chunks of your gear -supposed- to dissapear? >_> Because I bought 6 of those 2.7 k items in the store, and then a bunch dissapeared when I entered for the next run
Confirmed Glitch. it's the bottom 3 essences that seem to arbitrarily dissapear :/ I'm not sure -what- triggers these pieces of gear to just ...dissapear, but yeah- it happens.

And, having just finished my third run. >> I -really- enjoy this game. There's the occasional weirdness of facing the same boss in the same boss. (Windy serpent guy. I've got him quite a few times now). But it's delightfully challenging, and the ability to slowly customize your troops is nice. :s The unable to use the bottom 3 slots glitch is sort of annoying..but, well. I suppose I have to roll with it xD. (Even if that does deprive me of using a full row of King Kazaans for hilarious Cloud of Swords shenanigans). There is also something to be said for the bosses. They are sort of the highpoint of the game, as the battles with them are just sort of these...intense painful conflicts. (Especially painful when it comes to the final floor bosses @_@. Though, Mesmeril I found to be much more difficult than Godkiller. Though, that might be because Mesmeril would do stuff like destroy the entire party for 500-600 damage without crits...And I swear, he crit one of the party members for 2.5 k damage. Though, that was likely to blame on him having debuffed the target, and buffed himself. This is why I swallowed my pride, and petrified him to death >_>).

I definitely found the small tidbits of story as you climbed the edifice to be neat. it sort of made me think of P3, to be honest.
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