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This game represents a unique space-type adventure based on one of
my favorite games from the SNES Era (GradiusIII).
Play with beautiful panoramas, arcade music and space-faring comedy
involving the notoriously funny Dr.Robotnick or Eggman!
Sonic and his friends will take a frantic yet breathtaking journey
through the Solar System to stop Eggman's latest scheme.
Dr. Robotnick cloned an entire army of aliens robots to invade
the solar system, possibly to harness the power of the sun or
exploit the other planets for metal-rich resources.
Objective: Protect Earth, sonic's home planet from the invading robots.
As you venture out into the cosmos, travel to distant worlds and
experience their wonders. As in original Gradius, it's a good idea to
avoid enemy collisions and other space hazards.
You can also shoot down missles and activate switches along the way.
Receive positive or negative criticism from Sonic depending on your
performance. The Hero's Ship is equipped with a standard blue laser cannon.
You can upgrade to more powerful lasers including twin, plasma, and ripple
effects An 8 digit scoring system records your cumulative points with a
upper limit of around 100 million. Collect the glowing ship icons to earn
Extra Lives. Press F4/F5 keys to toggle between full or window modes.
(Medium-Window mode is recommended for optimum visual effects)

Stage1: Lunar Flight
Stage2: Venus flyby
Stage3: Mars Colony
Stage4: Jupiter flyby
Stage5: Saturn flyby
Stage6: Uranus and Neptune
Stage7: Pluto and Kuiper Belt (Bonus)
Stage8: Final Confrontation


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  • Completed
  • Davenport
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Shooter
  • 05/29/2011 09:13 PM
  • 02/19/2018 08:21 PM
  • 06/09/2011
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Let's all jump on the shmup bandwagon.
I dl'ed and extracted it. Go to play and each time get the following error:

"The file sf2sys cannot be opened."
Try re-downloading.
All files included now.
Just tried to re-dl it, now the file for sonicface3 can't be opened.
Sorry. I forgot to add those Face-sets.
Now game should work properly without any more missing files.

Heres a final Checklist:

1. Charset: Check Check
2. Chipset: Check
3. Faceset: Check
4. Gameover: Check
5. Music: Check
6. Panorama: Check
7. Picture: Check
8. System: Check
9. Title: Check
10. Sound: Check

For future games, I will make sure all imported/custom made graphics
are provided in the main game older prior to uploading.

We almost had lift-off. But after selecting "yes" to accept the mission, and the ship flies away, the screen goes dark and the game shuts down (due to the file alien3 that cannot be opened). On the plus side, this was the furthest yet I could go, so some progress is being made.
Sorry about that..
I fixed the problem now. (All Charsets check)
Thanks for playing..

Heres a sample video:
Now the file deadchars cannot be opened.
Sorry, forgot about that one.
Fixed now!

Edit: System2 folder added.
Try uploading one last time.
Resident Terrapin
Just look on the bright side, at least it's something different each time. The savepoint file cannot be opened, now.
Honestly, Just play the game.
Collect extra-lives along the way.
This is the last time I'm going to upload/update.

Edit: Sorry for the inconvenience,
try re-downloading one last time.
I cannot pinpoint any more errors.
Actually the game stops after accepting the "mission" and I also get the error "savepoint file cannot be opened"
I believe you really should double-check and reupload because it's a shame we can't play a game that looks so good.

EDIT: The same problem's still there but I figured it out. In Map 1-A, events named EV0018 at (000,000) and EV0019 at (019,000) are missing their charset. I changed it to the default greenish blank square and now the stage starts. You might have deleted the charset while creating the demo.

Now I think you should make the ship move forward on its own just like in every other shmups.

And then there are new glitches that stops the game... If the ship dies or leaves the screen it says "The file ANM40 cannot be open".
And when I shoot one of the first enemies it says "The file ANM01 cannot be open"

Sorry to say that but it looks like you still have quite a bit of work to do to solve the glitches. Try including all your RTPs in the next demo; then it might just work fine.
Thanks, I overlooked these problems. 0-0
The game should work now!
All problems fixed!

1. Missing char-set restored. (Save indicators)
2. Battle1 & Battle2 animations included

Exactly, I've been more than patient in pointing out the errors. But tell us, how can we play the game if the game crashes the moment a mission is accepted, due to all your missing files? No thanks, I'm done messing around with this and I predict this will just end up as nothing more than a waste of space on this site, unless it's completely fixed.
Well you'll be missing out on all the fun.
I'm confident the game should work now.
Hopefully with such comments, all the errors can be patched up.
Another error at the end of stage 1-A : don_collection_mm is missing.
I might as well become your official tester :P

EDIT: I can now play up to stage 1-B's boss. After beating him the file "space-normal" is missing.

There's also an eventing mistake when I die: I start again at the beginning of stage 1-A even if I was in stage 1-B, but the level goes on only for the remaining time I had to be in the stage I died into. For instance, i died about at 3/4th of stage 1-B, started back in stage 1-A, flew for a minute and suddenly got teleported at Stage 1-B's boss.
There was also a panorama glitch when I came back after dying. It changed twice from the space panorama to the "desert" one.

Some enemies collide with each other which stops their movement. It happened in stage 1-A with a forward-moving missile that stopped into a wall and the rotating pink sight there got blocked by the missile.

Anyway keep it up and don't apologize everytime. The game's pretty fun but I'd say it's too easy.
Thanks for your patience.
---MM-collection chip Added.
I sincerely apologize.

Edit: Thanks :D.
Was this made using the Zero Base project by Kazesui?
No, and yes with a few exceptions like the ship graphics and the digits.
I always enjoyed making space-type games as far as I can remember.
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