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You play as Dean and Sam.
You start off in motel in the middle of nowhere. You find out Dean crashed his care and you have to find some of you missing supplies. They find that the motel area is being over run by some sort of crazy green rats. So Sam and Dean Equip there Shotgun and hand gun and shoot the shit out of those rats. Oh course drink some Beers wile your shooting them. You find the town has a satanic demons in the church. A crazy Witch in the guns dealer basement, which you have to burn alive. After that your car is fixed and you go onto the the next town.....

Sam and Dean run out of gas at the strangest place you see a little girl drown in a pond. than you find out it was a ghost and you have to find her grave. You know what that means grave digging...

Will find your FBI badges with will allow you pass cops.
Go to bars to get some more Beer or rum. Maybe even pick up a chick or two.
The guns dealer will supply you with the finest fire arms you can get in the game.
You will also collect other items trough out the game like a EMF meter, Demons blood, salt, and etc to help with the killing of demons, ghost, witches, ghost, and other supernatural creatures.

Being Sam and Dean as your are you get as much beers and ammo as you can and you go demon slaying.

So far there are 4 towns made.

****Hint click action button on some boxes who knows what you will find***

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