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It's SUPERnatural... a subpar game!

Hello, rpgmaker players!
This is Supernatural, a game done with rpgmaker 2003 and released in 2014 by insaneraving, the author of two other games I played and reviewed: I am ledgend and Pammies Advenger. Unlike the previous games this time there is no typo in the title, but the game comes closer to I am ledgend for being a parody/fangame, and what's important is that also Pam from Pammies Advenger appears here as a side character!

Anyway you probably know the Supernatural tv series produced by Warner Bros or not, and in this second case, let's just say that's it's about two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, that hunt demons, ghosts, monsters, and other supernatural beings. This game follows a format similar to the tv series, in fact rather than a single story, we have a series of mini-episodes where the brothers travel around and live various adventures.

I swear the girl isn's running away terryfied by Dean and Sam!

All begins inside a motel where the two arrived... somehow! Their car crashed (again they cannot remember how that happened) and the motel manager isn't really helpful. They find some guns inside the basement of the motel just in time as a horde of green rattattas storm the local area. Uhm, ok! Time to kill some rats.

But hey, this is just the beginning... later our brothers will find a town where people disappeared mysteriously, ghosts, a witch, a sort of spaceship, and more. Solving these mysteries (well, more or less! Many things will be left unexplained) with the help of a local, Burns, will let them earn the gratitude of the (few remaining) villagers and get the parts to repair the car from the priest (yes, really!). Then onwards to other adventures: helping Klaus to fight ghost and solve the mystery of a hauted lake and siding with Pam, a woman who has a basement infested by zombies.

The gameplay is the same of I am Ledgend but with two or more characters: fight enemies in battles, some mandatory and others avoidable (thanks for not using random encounters!), buy upgrades (weapons) and healing items (alcholic beverages) and resting in bed between battles. Then you have to explore and look for chests where you can find items needed to progress and solving various tasks (like the FBI badges to pass through a police roadblock), but remember to save since you can to that anytime and anywhere but no one will tell you to do that.

Let's fight horrible creatures... with guns (and the occasional guest party member)!

Unfortunately battles are very bland and annoying, you usually have just a normal attack and all is about using it to deal damage. I found Salt that was supposed to teach a new ability but I guess it works only on Dean since Sam did not have the command while possessing the skill. Unfortunately that's not the only bug, you can also find yourself stuck if when trying to repair the car stuck between two rocks you approach it from the north (avoid that and interact standing south). There are also some bad ideas that made me waste time and I almost gave up: when interacting the crates that can be moved you have to touch them from a precise side otherwise there will be no interaction, nothing. And this will make the player believe that it's a useless item of the scenario (wrongly!)... I won't even comment the fact that seems that almost every crate in every building seems to conceal a hidden stairway and that a bad guy lives right under the weapon shop, but uhm ok. And then there is a final bug, the game in fact ends with a boss fight that loops and when I reached that part (after two hours from the beginning of the adventure) I understood it was the end of the demo. I guess.

Visually the game uses RTPs and many edits, but like for I am ledgend and Pammies Advenger the final result is mediocre especially because each map usually take a single screen or little more, so cities are normally just a couple of buildings (larger in the inside) and the abundance of RTPs makes all look rather average. It could be improved in a good number of ways, for example making maps bigger, more detailed (adding interactions, there are peasants that act as immovable blocks, without a single line of dialogue), and makie more of them since all happens in a restricted space. And there are also some odd ideas, for example after leaving the motel the path going sud leads to the first town when walking, and instead it goes to a long road when going by car. It's confusing because there was no indication to go there after taking the car, and this is just one of the many random things that the player has to guess. Sounds and music are also RTPs but there is a noticeable lack of music for most of the game.

Writing is... well full of grammar errors, and the story is pretty silly, maybe it was done on purpouse since Sam seems to be the only sane person here while Dean is a womanizer and a drunkard. Well, I guess this was going to be a parody (I mean even the car talks, begging to be repaired!), much like I am ledgend.

Thanks but how did you know? Why did a priest had the car parts and... are they blessed?

Final Verdict
Supernatural is a not so good game whose most notable aspect are its numerous boring encounters and silly story: everything happens without any reason and leaving no consequences, and probably making the player enjoy some involuntary humor. Or maybe it was done for fun, because there were some amusing parts, unfortunately not combat! That could have been automated since it's all about mashing attack, moreover you will later find an item (demon blood) to max out our heroes. So no, it's meh, really!