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The unoffical sequel to Shion Sono's Suicide Club and Noriko's Dinner Table, made as a entry for the 4 hour birthday contest. Set a year after the events of the last two films, Dessert have returned with a comeback tour! As a sign of gratitude to their fans they hire the Grim Reaper to convince them all to commit suicide.

Converse with the general populance, listen to thier problems and offer some advice. You only have one chance in each conversation to get them to hit the bucket.

-One level.
-Custom graphics.
-Zero gameplay... Besides walking and talking.

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  • RPG Maker XP
  • Visual Novel
  • 06/03/2011 02:12 PM
  • 10/10/2013 03:53 PM
  • 06/04/2011
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I'm trying to decide what's more disturbing, that I actually played this or that I sort of got a kick out of getting people to commit suicide. Thanks a lot! You've warped me into some psycho freak!
I thought the deaths were pretty mild and comical to be honest. But you do raise a good point though, there are loads of suicide fourms out there where random internet people would egg them on to just get it over and done with, whilst they get their sick satisfaction when it happens. The good news it's just a game (a rather rubbish one of that) if this a serious project with a similer premise then it'll proberly be ten times as worse than this effort.
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A game where you get to play as death!?
this is awesome!
i was getting tired of playing as a male character 95+% of games have that same dull male lead that i could care less about honestly
games need more female leads,monster girls!demons! anything other then human men!

subbed and dl! :D
after i do get the lost girls upload started im a play this and then your choice remake game :D

As for the real life aspect the other guy brought up i dont think about that
certainly in some dark games that have rape,slavery and torture i could get rather offended even tho people say its "fictional"its like they think that stuff does not actually happen or something
so they actually support whats wrong i have such low rep on a site for having morals makes me embarrassed to be part of the same race honestly

but my personal option on death is that its not a horrible thing in fact its a blessing
most people could not even imagine how terrible it would be to be immortal and have a immortal race especially if they can give birth to more...
in fact i consider it a escape from the hell that is the human race
as its been getting even worse lately with the violence on the news

the 3 above things imo are a worse fate to deal with rather then dying
so ill praise death for his work

people may disagree and say death is the worst possible fate
thats their choice i disagree with that
and am glad its a natural part of evolution

further id like to add the majority of console games outside of flash are about killing people o.o whats special about this? o.o
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