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We work with what we can.

Suicide Club 3 by StarSkipping
- reivew by psy_wombats

I figured I'd download some of the four-hour games made for the RMN birthday contest and give them a proper review. There might not be much there, but at least you should be able to tell what's worth playing...! I grabbed this game because it's a VN and it's complete. I like the genre, so let's see if this game is worth the time.

- 10 minutes later -

Well, that was short. You play a big and huggable looking Death, trying to get people to commit suicide for some reason. There's only a couple minutes worth of stuff to do here, and you spend most of it crawling around the map. Reaaaaaaally slooooooowly. Oh well. The other half of the time is spent in conversation with three characters that you must trick or convince to klll themselves. You have one chance to succeed with each character having three choices. If you're looking for depth, go someplace else.

Hey, at least he's honest

My major complaint is that there's no character introduction so you just guess which choice will kill off whoever you're talking to. I know there's only four hours to work with, but you can write a fair amount in that time, at least enough to give three people any sort of personality whatsoever. As the game never really takes itself seriously, I guess maybe the personalities are a joke, but eh, it's not that funny. Maybe worth a smile or too, but at the rate, why bother when it takes so long to walk to all these bland people.

I guess it's not awful for four hours, but still, it's not worth the short amount of time required.


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The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
I like this game :(

It was messed up but I kind of liked it.
Haha good choice of screenshots :) I was having a terrible time trying to make anything decent during the contest. The review is pretty spot on though.
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