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Bugs galore. Beware.

Roy was minding his own business when...

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  • Sim RPG Maker 95
  • Tactics Strategy RPG
  • 06/03/2011 07:26 PM
  • 09/02/2022 04:33 AM
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Wow, a game made with Sim RPG Maker? Been looking for some games for a while, definitively gonna play this
Aren't they up to FE 9 or something now?
X : Thanks :) Don't expect much though. It was for the 4-hour contest.
sbester : Hah. Not sure myself, actually. Last I heard, they were remaking the 1st game again.
Congrats on winning the contest!

I'll be playing this soon.
This was really fun. Amazing that you put this together in 4h.
After I beat the Marquees, I got a "map 3 turn hasn't been made yet" error and the game crashed. Is this expected, or it this an actual error?

Anyways, pretty cool, funny dialogs, fun gameplay. Made me want to work with Sim RPG Maker. :O
I only got partway through chapter 2 before time ran out, so I just dropped it where it was. There was supposed to be other conversations for when Sophia moves next to Roy or when you meet the boss. And to think I actually thought I could make 5 chapters in 4 hours.
Lol "Bullshit!" as you can tell im not too great at this game, but it was pretty well done, i may make one some day with this engine
I've played the first map and I enjoy your game so far! No bug found yet. <Subscribed>
Okay, well if you've played the first map then you've played the whole game x) There's a little extra dialogue in the first few turns of the second map, but then it's just straight slugging until Game Over. I might add more to this when I finish Valor Emblem.
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