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The bumbling duo, Salazar and Zach, and the purple witch, Lime, are back and they're broke...again. How will they make money to live off of this time?

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Time Breakdown

I started at 9:53 am (give or take a few seconds) and finished at 1:47 pm. So what did I do?

Brainstorming: 2 minutes - Consisted of staring at the wall blankly.
Writing: negligible - I mostly made everything up as I went so I can (and will) accredit this time to eventing.
Mapping: 30 minutes - This didn't take as long as expected. I've gotten faster.
Eventing: 2 1/2 hours - Yup. This definitely took up the brunt of my time.
Database: 20 minutes - I LOVE cut and paste. Since this was a sequel to Legend of Gladius, I was able to steal most of the weapons, classes, etc. from there.
Play-Testing: 25 minutes - One full play through just isn't enough. I shudder to think of what all is waiting to go wrong in the game.

I think the only things up there that aren't rough estimates are the brainstorming and the play-testing.
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  • 06/03/2011 07:54 PM
  • 02/23/2024 09:11 AM
  • 06/03/2011
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Aw! Thanks Natsu!

Be careful though. The revival item doesn't work...
The titles looks pretty interesting... i really wanted to try the game, but darn it!

There's an error blocking my life way.

Blahblahblah won't found.

Would you mind to fix it?
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
So I checked your other games and did not see any mention of the two guys and a witch in any of them.

Trying to make a cake anyway :)
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