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Kersh and his friends are currently living in a coastal town right center of a war-torn country. One day, Kersh and his buddies are issued an innocent bet to go and visit the long deserted island once inhabited by the now-extinct dragons, but a discovery on the island triggers a mass change in their lives forever. What was seemingly an unrelated discovery will have great repercussions on the ongoing civil war in the country. Join Kersh and plenty of the other characters in a quest that poses many moral questions.

War of Two Worlds was originally released in January 2005. This is the full complete game with approximately 20 hours of gameplay.

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  • Completed
  • MarkC
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • RPG
  • 06/03/2011 09:23 PM
  • 11/24/2021 07:28 PM
  • 06/04/2011
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looks great..gonna try it!oops,i have trouble downloading it seems ??? question mark and got firefox hang.
Wow...classic game...unfortunately I couldn't get far because I find the beginning incredibly repetitive and boring (going back and forth)...I might give it a second chance again...
I'm a dog pirate
I played this back in 2008. It's actually pretty decent, though a little bland and repetitive.
Devil's in the details
Oh hey, when was this added? I remember this game from way back. I really liked the atmosphere on the first areas, though I remember the game being pretty difficult and so I never got very far.

Are you still working on Rpg Maker on these days MarkC?
This game is nor responsive either to my keyboard or game controller. What gives?
Ooooh, I remember this game, I got solidly far into the game, but I noticed the game was gettin' a lil' glitchy during the mid point of the game. :S
i'm stuck in the tower of heavens need a passcode to proceed there's a book with two series of numbers but i tried to addition the two series multiply them but i can't find the solution. help.
Oh hey, when was this added? I remember this game from way back. I really liked the atmosphere on the first areas, though I remember the game being pretty difficult and so I never got very far.

Are you still working on Rpg Maker on these days MarkC?

Hi Rei-

Unfortunately no, I am not working on any further RPG Maker projects, nor do I plan to.

To be honest, I really just created the game for myself, as I missed the old-school style RPG and tried to recreate my own to enjoy. It eventually turned into my first and last 'big' RPG project, if you could call it that. So I thought I would share it with everyone. Sadly, I lost interest in the whole thing after that, and have no intentions of making another one.

By the way, the game received some significant tweaking to enemy stats later on in development, so if you were ever interested in playing again, you would have a different experience.


I'm a dog pirate
Maybe I'll throw up a review one of these days.
Wow, the text flow is very slow :(
But it's a good game :)
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
I think it was one of those games of which I appreciated the demo to the extent of keeping the save file (with about 5,6 others) for a long long time. The greatest number of them were cancelled! so after a while I figured, none of the others would ever come out and deleted the whole thing... no problem, downloading this, and eager to play it (since then, I would have forgotten the beginning anyways!).
I found a bug. In one of the villages at the beginning(I think it was the 2nd village: Winding) there is a boy with a "stamina test". If you tell him you want to do the test and it switches to the other map with the test then you can decide to show the rules, do the test or not to do the test and stop. Probably everyone does the test so nobody noticed. If you decide not to do the test and leave then your menu will be disabled.
Does someone know how to kill the "Abomination" in Dios ruins? I'm gathering the materials needed for the airship at the moment and this monster is always doing bad status effects on everyone of my party and there is no way to guard against everything.

Edit: Nevermind. Just killed it. All the times I tried until now it used that one skill that effects everyone very often and early and I seems I had just bad luck because it affected everyone with rage and/ or confused. Now it only used it one time after a few turns and I could kill it because only one person was affected by confused. Just healed him and attacked and didn't bother with healing the effects like poison on the other persons. Only went for killing that monster fast and used the fire skills and the others attack.
Legs are a burden. Return to snek.
'now extint dragons'
Why can't their be living ones! x|
how to get into balthasar house ?
I really enjoyed this solid, underappreciated game - even though I couldn't figure out how to unlock the later arena challenges. Whoever likes the RPG Tsukuru 2003 engine and entertaining run-of-the-mill stories should give this game a shot. You won't find many RPG Tsukuru 2003 RPGs with a better or longer story (such as Everlong).
20 hours of Game Play? Does that include 19 hours of random encounter?
Really, the encounter rate is ridiculous and the dungeons are unnecessary long.

The story is nice, though.
Gamebreaking bug:(Removed images)
The books read 3,5,1,8 I tried every possible combination with those... needlessly to say it did not work. I also attempted to use 6,8 and 3 (in all positions of 3 and 8 as they can be misread as such. But needlessly to say that doesnt work.
Would be nice if anyone could answer me, which code he is using there now and if it works at all without having the rpg maker

My mistake, actually when I went trough all the possible codes TWICE I managed to screw up the working combination twice in a row by a number while not noticing it... guess that's what one calls beeing idiotic in the face of false fury...^^
Can someone tell me where I can find steady head?
Also, how do you remove the barrier to "Ancient Mine?"
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