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Walk. Battle. Walk. Battle. It's FFXIII!

Final Fantasy 2k3 by Deckiller
- review by psy_wombats

This game is being reviewed as part of my quest to cover the unreviewed shorter games of RMN. It's a four hour game so my expectations aren't high, but it tied for third in the contest so we'll see how this goes...!

And, half an hour of battles, looks like this game is... okay. It's all about the battles. You take six steps and then you battle. Then you battle again. Then you take six steps and battle. Then you battle again. And again a few times. And then you fight the boss. These is no backtracking and no other shenanigans. There is none of that useless stuff like XP or items or any of that. No exploration, no backtracking.

Just like FFXIII!

That can be a good thing and a bad thing. The system is relatively well-balanced and there's a neat 1, 2, or 3 mechanic inspired by the source material. The first few battles are kind of fun, until you start running into duplicate parties. You started with all the items you could ask for and nothing's particularly difficult, except...

Not pictured: my other 5 attempts at this battle

This boss puts your party to sleep and inflicts damage at the same time. Wash rinse repeat. I kept trying to use the members who were alive to heal the others, but when everyone's put to sleep every turn, it's kind of hard to do damage control. That's my only balance gripe.

There is some dialog that's supposed to be funny I guess, but it's not my type. This game is a battle game without much else, and it succeeds in that, except it's not interesting enough to carry on for a full half hour. If you like the battles and think it's a well designed DBS, you're probably better off playing one of Deckiller's other games, like maybe one that wasn't made in four hours.


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I'm a dog pirate
Hehe, I will never use sleep-all again.
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