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Presented to you by LusterMX

A B-Movie Game (Meaning it isn't scary at all, but tries to be)

An award winning game

The story begins with 4 stupid children trick or treating... Unfortunately for them, no one gave them candy, because the whole village hates Halloween. Even their good friend Fate rejected them...
Their last hope would be the mansion on the hill... Hopefully, some good people would give them candy from there - These are really desperate children and if they don't get candy this Halloween... THEY WILL FOREVER BE TOO OLD TO GO TRICK OR TREATING AGAIN!

It is a mystery/challenging/puzzle/ kind of game... So use gadgets like a real detective to find out what's going on!

Latest Blog

A MidHorror Night has been given a sqeaky clean!

It's been an incredibly long time since I've updated, but I finally found time to do so. I think I've completely fixed all of the known bugs, so the game should be fully functional. That dreaded stuck in a box glitch is GONE!
Other changes:
*X-Ray Specs is faster
*The dialogue has been polished

Happy playing!
  • Completed
  • Lustermx
  • RPG Maker VX
  • Puzzle
  • 06/04/2011 09:51 PM
  • 06/22/2020 04:42 PM
  • 06/06/2011
  • 69027
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I had a pretty fun time playing this awhile back, lol the only really annoying glitch/bug that kept happening to me, was after the demon or whatever dude first comes into the room (with Tash being hidden). I couldn't seem to get Tash to show herself again..though it was odd since it didn't happen every time, and I really was only able to get through it by chance. o-o

That's the only major bug that I ran into though; the rest of the game was pretty decent~ :)
wow! looks great!
can't wait to play it :D
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beat the game :/
random thoughts

interesting start

beautiful mapping!

some really awesome triggers in this!

she takes the death of her friends well,too well

that darkness spike challenge was retarded :/

failed red trial and restarted but builder was where you start and door was closed!?

another terrible glitch if you fail the blue trial you cant enter menu,use glasses(which you need) thus unwinnable >.>

same with green!

also during the green challenge you dont need to open the 1st door the jump just goes thru it!

that ending sucked...
that aside
theres room for a 3rd tool please tell me there is one some where!

this would be been a great game had...

1.it had a better ending(he should not of escaped that's just a troll to the player for there efforts!
2.glitches were fixed and they were bad
3.there was a 3rd tool since theres room for it!
I really enjoyed this game, good work! I did run into one problem though, I couldn't activate the X-Ray Specs if I died during one of Artifact trials and chose to retry. Other than that though, this game was very very enjoyable!
Terrible game with 0 immersive atmosphere. It's all wrong. Some tracks do not match with what we are playing, the objects are given to us because yes, there is no other explication (like the X-ray glasses, who the hell brings them outside?), and there are events with no logical explanation (we seem to be in other dimension and we can call to some friend? Also, do not forget the ridiculous dialogue with her).

I couldn't reach the end because at some point I have to help a girl and I supposed to have something with me that could help her, but it's not my case and so, there is nothing useful in the room so, dead-end i guess.

Anyway, the only thing I liked was the beautiful scenarios since we started.

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