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Oh how hilarious...

My computer destroyed itself. Literally. I was happily working away then BOOM! Smell burning (never a good sign...) and it's gone off. Few hours later and I restart it:
'Operating System Not Found' message appears.

So, basically, until I have the will to get all these images again and remake all I had, this project is as good as dead to me...

(I know you're gonna say 'back things up' but I'm going to be honest, I wasn't expecting this to happen...)


Probably what you were expecting, but trust me it isn't permanent

I'm putting this on hold. The ideas just aren't flowing so I'm going to try some more practice projects (stuff that will take people about 30 mins to complete)

The biggest reason for this is the amount of difficulty I had trying to get the scripts. I spent my mind on trying to tell people what script I wanted, and getting nowhere, instead of building a story of ANY kind into the game...

Anyway, anticipate more from me anyway!


Ohhh hell...

Okay, after taking a short break, I've decided this game needs a do-over. Well, sort of. Meaning: all skills need changing, character creation needs more freedom maybe, need to design all my maps before putting quests in them, need to think of the skills BEFORE implementing them, to assure that I can make them properly etc...

So there's a lotta work I gotta do here, wouldn't expect a demo for quiiiite some time if I were any of you. So, don't hold your breath!

EDIT: Hitting Brick Walls - kinda hurts
See, now I wanted a Gridded Inventory, but all those out there seem... over complicated, for VX, or impossible to find!
Anyone with info on one, I would love it if you could help me out here!!


Well well well

Had almost given up hope of this being accepted! Work is at a standstill, due to not having scripts for some stuff I need... If you're good with RGSS scripts PLEASE send me a message!!?

But, as you have guessed, it's a sandbox, because I thought it'd be a good idea and a good way to test and improve my somewhat lacking skills. If it proves popular (which I doubt btw) then I may look into RMX-OS for it, but only if it's popular xD as it would benefit from being an online MMO, but maybe not in it's baby months xD
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