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About Format

  • Blitzen
  • 09/14/2012 10:37 PM
This is the layout of the new battle system. You select your heroes, preset their attacks, and then when they encounter an enemy party, the battle pretty much runs itself. Requires a different sort of strategy than spacebar mashing; character selection and knowing their strengths as compared to enemies, complimenting each other, is the primary game mechanic. Allows for some neat gameplay experiences, I think.


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What if you encounter different enemy parties that require different strategies? Can you switch characters mid battle or something? Or must a party be formed in a way that it can better handle all the enemies in one area? And what about healing or buffs? Will all that be automatic too, or will only be possible outside of battle? And what about... well, thousand of other things that I'm forgetting right now.

I'm afraid I'll have to see a video of this to fully understand the dynamics, because, like I said before: it is a very risky move. I feel that battles will need to be either very fast, almost instantaneous, to spare me the pain of going through them without any sort of input. Or they'll need to have at least some degree of interactivity, like pressing a button at the right time for extra damage or something...

Also, the battle layout doesn't look impressive, but it works. And the graphics are cute/cool, so there's that.
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