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Presenting the main characters of the game and a quick description of their traits, role and the original game's character information.
Spoilers warning for the original game's story.

Age: 18
Role: The heroine. The old alchemist Xevu took her under his wing after her father's death. He trained her to become a skillful alchemist warrior. Wishing to help the Republic of Gaoua fight against the Velyagun Empire, Misae will go on a journey to gather the powers of the elemental spirits in order to craft stronger weapons.
Traits: Easy-going and good-natured. Although highly skilled in swordplay and battle she is reluctant to using alchemy to craft weapons: it seems her father died because of his search for alchemy's power.
Original character: Misae is inspired from both the hero (named Simea in the GBC version) and Mesia. Both are scientists who were cryogenically frozen a hundred years ago to aid the human race after the war. They were helped by 4 wisemen in finding the elemental swords and fighting the Dragonia Empire.

Age: Late 60s
Role: An old alchemist working in his secret lab near Swann village. Xevu knew Misae's father long before she were born and both used to be skilled alchemists. Aware of the Velyagun Empire's evil intentions for world domination, Xevu passed his knowledge onto Misae and guides her in her fight against the Empire.
Traits: Calm and wise. He seems to be quite secretive about his and Misae's father's past.
Original character: Zebu, the first of the 4 wisemen who helps the hero in his quest. He teaches you a few spells including the HP recovering Refresh. He also tries to lead the people in a good direction.

Ohalland Azteca
Age: Mid 50s
Role: Governor of the largest human settlement on the continent, the Republic of Gaoua. Aside from Xevu, he is one of the few remaining alchemists. Azteca is currently building the Republic's defences and military might to resist the imminent assault from Velyagun.
Traits: A charismatic and fair leader. He also runs alchemy experiments on his soldiers to increase their fighting abilities in order to stand a chance against the Empire's thermonuclear weapons.
Original character: Azteca, the grand puba, was waiting for the hero's and Mesia's arrival to fight Dragonia. He is the 4 wisemen's leader. Later on, we learn that he is an android created by the hero's and Mesia's team of scientists to lead the people in a good way after the war. It seems he and evil Emperor Draygon are the same person, but I never fully understood that part of the story… and so I changed it.

Asina Azteca
Age: 17
Role: Daughter of Ohalland Azteca, she is Gaoua's military commander and a highly skilled warrior. She will help Misae fight off the Imperial troops during the assault on Gaoua.
Traits: Noble, loyal and high-spirited. Her fighting abilities were greatly enhanced by her father's experiments and she handles the bow with deadly precision. Outside of the battlefield, she is a caring and well-mannered lady.
Original character: In the original game, Asina is one of the 4 wisemen. She disguises herself as the queen of Portoa and also as a fortune teller to hear the people's problems. Being one of the few female characters of the game, I wanted her role to be much more important.

Emperor Velyagun
Age: Early 40s
Role: Son of the previous Emperor who started the war 20 years ago, he succeeded to his father and pursues his ambitions for technological supremacy and world domination. His fortress stands high atop the snowy peaks of Mount Saber. The Emperor relies mostly on a group of fearsome warriors called his Finest Four.
Traits: Ambitious and violent. He is a fine tactician as well as an unequalled warrior who neither wastes time talking nor hesitates to kill.
Original character: Emperor Draygon, head of the Dragonia Empire, resides in Goa Fortress with his troops. He kidnaps Mesia and wants to use her powers to activate the Floating Tower, a flying fortress built by the hero's and Mesia's team a hundred years ago originally meant to fight off evil. Draygon wants to use the Tower to oppress the world.

General Garvan Kelbesque
Age: Mid 40s
Role: One of Velyagun's Finest Four. He is the Empire's army leader and executive commander. He is currently preparing an assault on the Republic of Gaoua. Kelbesque will fight Misae atop Mount Saber to protect the Empire.
Traits: Although being a brutal berserker who fights like a wild animal, he has a deep respect for warriors and is highly valued by his troops.
Original character: General Kelbesque is the first of the Finest Four to fight the hero. His role is minimal and I wanted to make the Finest Four a lot more developed here.

Trina Savella
Age: Early 30s
Role: One of Velyagun's Finest Four. She is the Emperor's lover and usually does the dirty jobs of spying and torturing prisoners. Savella will try to prevent Misae from gathering the powers of the spirits by corrupting and using them against her.
Traits: A terrifying, cruel and sadistic sorceress. She is ready to do anything for the Emperor and might even have the power to cheat death in order to succeed.
Original character: (A personal favourite both in my project and in the original game) Sabera the witch, the second of the Finest Four to fight the hero. She abducts Mesia in her cryogenic capsule and lures the hero into a trap. She disguises herself as Mesia and turns the people of Joel village into zombies.

Age: Early 20s
Role: One of Velyagun's Finest Four. He works both as an assassin and a bodyguard to the Emperor. He receives the order to put Misae to rest before she becomes too powerful. Maido fights using traditional, oriental style and weaponry.
Traits: A silent and vigilant young man shrouded in mystery. He comes and goes quietly like a ghost, hiding in the shadows. Even the Imperial soldiers fear and avoid him.
Original character: Mado the swordsman, the third of the Finest Four to fight the hero. He wields two swords and kills the people of Shyron village while the hero is away.

Wendell Carmine
Age: Mid 60s
Role: One of Velyagun's Finest Four. Emperor Velyagun's main advisor, he also worked under the previous Emperor. Carmine conducts various experiments in his labs in the fortress and crafts new thermonuclear weapons for the Empire. He is currently working on a mysterious project.
Traits: A mad and eccentric scientist. He is a coward who never puts his life on the line and relies on his creations to do the dirty work.
Original character: Karmine, the last of the Finest Four to fight the hero. He has the ability to change people into monsters and is a tough one to beat.

Two other original characters, Stohm and Aryllis, will also have a bigger role in this project.


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Isn't her name Mesia (As in an anagram for the main character of the NES game, Simea)
The heroine in this remake is not the Mesia you're referring to. I wanted her name to be an anagram and "Misae" was the only one that sounded okay.
By the way, I think the main character was named Simea in the GBC version only. In the NES version he had whatever name the player gave him.
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