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The second remake of the P Series that has been in the process of being completely remade, majorly remaking the story (for obvious reasons), new Combo Combat System, and more to be added!

20 years ago, the Elementals waged war on the inhabitants of Gaia causing mayhem and destruction in their wake. Thanks to the efforts of a group of heroes who called themselves the Elemental Guardians and their leader who was a renowned swordsman, they crafted the Element Sword and sealed the Elementals into an eternal slumber never to disturb the peace again.

20 Years have passed since that time, and now a new threat looms over the world with the disappearance of the Element Sword, now a new group of heroes will rise to solve the mystery of the Element Sword and stop a rising faction from taking over the world!

NOTE: If there is any bugs in the game, please provide screenshots so that I may have a easier time to locate said bugs and fix them. Thank you.

Latest Blog

P2R Blog #12 Help with some hard coding.

Hey there, peeps, the monius here yet again and in dire need of some help. I've started picking this game up again and figured I'd ask some hardcore scripters who're good with the coding with DynRPG/C++ the whole nine yards with a little thing.

The request is really simple... maybe? I'm mostly just trying to code the numbers that show up with my combo system through coding instead of with events, so that way I can delete a lot of unnecessary switches, which will in turn make this game a lot more tolerable to work on.

If it's possible to do this with coding, I'd appreciate any help given my way, thanks in advance, PM me if anyone is willing to help with this.
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So what is the status of this thing? I've been holding back playing this series cuz P2.

By the way I noticed (which I understand the Phantasia series was your first ever project) that contain many bugs. Because of this I think it's a shame that a great looking series can get can mauled with bugs, and I noticed you have been doing it all by yourself fixing the issues. I'm wondering if you should gather a temporary team to get all your Phantasia stuff up to pace, and that way you don't have to worry about the next bug (a big bug specifically) that may come up. I'm sure there is people here would not mind to help out. You have a big series, and it would be ashame for it to be known to be constantly buggy. There is not many RMNers that even make such a long series.
The status of P2R is currently on hiatus. Reasons being lack of motivation to continue the game, mostly due to the battle system. Whenever I fix one tiny error, another one pops up and it becomes endlessly tiring and it kills my motivation to continue.

Though progress wise, I'm like, two dungeons away from the main story from being completed. A lot has been finished in the game.

As for the issue with constant bugs and testers, problem is, I'm a person who wants things done at a semi fast pace, and a lot of the testers I had back then they would take weeks, to test a game, and I want to get things done at a fast pace so I can move on with the next parts in the game, and they either don't report anything or just give up on the game.

There were also a few testers who gave me vague descriptions to where they find bugs that it made it hard for me to find when and where the problem was located. Hence why I put on each of my pages that if anyone who finds any bugs to report the problem with a screenshot to me and that way I can fix it.

There were a few testers who did make screenshots for me and located every little bug that went on in the game, they were amazing testers, but they disappeared throughout the course of time. >_>;

Nowadays it's hard to find testers to play through the games you make. How the times have changed. :P
Probably today's busy lifestyles. I blame society wanting some kind of Armored Core corporate society, but without the Armored cores lol.
yo how werd elementalsord please were he in mrenu
the RPG_RT.ldb from v0.4 is (22/09/2018) 39.459kb (file to be overwrited)
and the .ldb to overwrite with is (27/07/2014) 36.773kb
is very smaller and a very old one???
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