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P2R Blog #12 Help with some hard coding.

Hey there, peeps, the monius here yet again and in dire need of some help. I've started picking this game up again and figured I'd ask some hardcore scripters who're good with the coding with DynRPG/C++ the whole nine yards with a little thing.

The request is really simple... maybe? I'm mostly just trying to code the numbers that show up with my combo system through coding instead of with events, so that way I can delete a lot of unnecessary switches, which will in turn make this game a lot more tolerable to work on.

If it's possible to do this with coding, I'd appreciate any help given my way, thanks in advance, PM me if anyone is willing to help with this.


P2R Blog #11 - Might as well release...

Bah, all this talk of rm2k3 is making my head spin lately. And I won't lie, every time I open this project, I just go... do I really want to... I think my problem is that I'm lacking a lot of motivation to try to continue this game, I've cancelled games before and look ahead with little problems, but this is a project I want to try and continue, but my rm2k3... ness has run so dry it'd take a long time to recharge that kindle I felt years ago during my younger immature and fun times of using rm2k3.

So, with that, I'm going to call this game on hiatus until I can somehow find that spark again with this game. I have remade two games with this one being the third.

Half of this is because I fell with the rest of the crowd of switching to RPG Maker VX Ace. I'm sorry... it's just... it's just too good... I feel like a horrible person betraying the program I've loved for years. Oh rm2k3, it wasn't you... it was me... *sobbing* -ahem- anyway, yeah, so I'm going to release a long demo of what was done so far of P2R. If there is any issues be sure to let me know, I'll hopefully have the game ready by the end of today.

Oh, there's going to be a Phantasia 6 on VX Ace.

Progress Report

P2R Blog #10 (Testing time mk.2)

Time for another call out for testers, but this time for this game, I've been doing some work on it here n' there and would like some fine testers like yourselves to volunteer for such a daring task.


So yeah, anyone up for testing this game? The last Phantasia game on rm2k3? Eh? Ehhh? Ehhhhh? There was a subtle hint somewhere...

Progress Report

P2R Blog #9 - Continuing working on it again.

I find lately that if I stay away from making a game for a long period of time, and go back to it later on, I get a refreshed state of mind and think of new ways to input events, cutscenes and other types of things, it's how development is like right now with this game, take it one step at a time, and not make a huge bombshell like the original was, lol.

Well, news is I'm still working on it, and now that P5 is out of the way for good, I can put more attention on this game again.


P2R Blog #8 - Another new game approaching soon.


Well, not really, but I've been workin' on a semi-random game for a while when I got the thing, I figured I might start posting some shtuff here soon, it's just regular RTP stuff here n' there, but I figured I'd add my own variations of the main characters now, they're RTP, but hey, it's the thought that counts right? Right? :D

Anyway, here's the hero, RTP Hero 04-1! Zein!

Well, hope to show more later on during the next few weeks!

Cya again!

Game Design

P2R Blog #7 - Dungeon Design Slumps #2 (obligatory light dungeon)

HELL~O! It's me, Jaymonius.

I'm having a hard time thinking of a good idea for dungeon puzzles for a light based dungeon, I was thinking of having something similar to the Light Labyrinth in Saga Frontier, but the coding process is very confusing for me, but something of similar aspects would be interesting.

To those who don't know what I'm talking about, I'm talking about solving puzzles using light beams and mirrors to hit the door to proceed to the entrance n' stuff.

Anyone got any suggestions as what to add for a Light dungeon? :D

This blog also serves that I'm still working on it little by little, but I have been heavily distracted by Pokemon Online. (I'm on the Reborn server if anyone plays Pokes.)

Well, cya all again and hope to hear some unique ideas. :D

Progress Report


As I mentioned in my last blog, P2R is now at least halfway done, now I want to take a break from it and let some testers go through the game, whilst I work on other projects like my RMVX Ace game I've been cookin' up as of late, and other crap outside of the RMverse.

So, if anyone is up for doin' some of the testin' stages of P2R gimme a PM, I'll fill you in on more details.

Advertising time:
I now have my own Jaymonius Facebook Page, if you guys wanna check it out be sure to drop by and check out my rantings about RPG Maker and other crap.

Progress Report

P2R Blog #5 - This game is getting big, and I'm only halfway done...

I'm having a hard time tolerating the database update, it's really lagging hardcore in terms of updating the database, hell, whenever I make a new switch it does a small lagging update, I get this fear that considering this is the first half of the game and it's lagging THIS bad to do a database update, I'm in the process of thinking this may be Part 1 of Phantasia 2 or Disc 1 in other terms, so I can delete a lot of maps and other monster party, data, etc, to make room and make a second project containing Part 2. X_X;

I don't know if it'll work like that, but I hope I don't have to resort to it, but good lord this game is getting big, and I'm ONLY halfway done. X_X;

Progress Report

P2R Blog #4 - I got distracted... big time. I blame VX Ace for this.

Yeah, P2R and P5 are on hiatus again because I've been doing lots and LOTS of fooling around with VX Ace, though I'm still trying to figure out how to do random battles in the game.

A lot of this knowledge will be great the moment the actual full version comes out, but I got an idea of a trilogy to put back into action again, well, it was completed back when I made it on rm2000, but I figure I should remake em' and tell em' a lot better now that I have more experience with the programs.

But hopefully this won't distract me too much, I wanna try and get a demo of P2R out soon, need some of that hardcore criticism.

Yeah, I'm really loving RMVX Ace, I think it may go without saying that once I finish with P5 and P2R, I may migrate to using VX Ace. But, that's a MAY as in MAYBE. We'll see how things turn out.

Anyway, have a dancing Bugs Bunny.


P2R Blog #3 - And now for something slightly different.

Been having so much fun with this new battle system that has been in the works, in comparison to all of the other battle systems that the previous Phantasia games this battle system is amazingly fun to work with, and I have come up with a simple pattern on creating skills and combos, though the only MAJOR thing that'd be a pain is implementing the passive abilities to each character, but I can be willing to do that depending on the motivational craze I'm in.

But anyway, to avoid the need of beating around the bush. I want to input cameo fighters in to my game, they have no relevance to the main story, but more like sidequests and by completing them will allow you usage of the character. I already have one in mind, but I'd like to get maybe 3-4.

So, if anyone might be interested in having a character from your game on mine, then you may ask away, but just one major thing and it may seem like a little annoyance, but I'd personally prefer if they were original characters. Not RTP or anything, mind you I'd LOVE to use Alex as a character, but no. I personally want actual characters from games you guys created. (Rips don't count either.) That's the only condition for entering. I might not choose em' all, but I am open for suggestions n' stuff. I am willing to bend the rules of use of rips, if they were custom remade and stuff.

Word of caution, should this be implemented into the game, it won't be available until the final release of the game, but seeing how I'm like 40% done the main story. (Which is pretty good progress wise.) I don't want to think it'll be a long wait like P5 is.

I hope to have a demo of P2R released before the end of this year, and to have the rest of P5:DC finished by then as well. Well, that's all for now, and toodles.

Those who check my youtube channel: Jaymonius. Keep an eye out for an upcoming P2R video, starring a new character but is non-canon to the story. :D

Note: If you want to know how my battle system is like, check my Videos folder to see how the battle system works, imagine one of your heroes doing stuff like that. :D
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